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Internet Radio in Trouble

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This has been giving me panic attacks. How worried should I be about losing my Live365 and such? Will Yahoo radio and Napster survive?


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    The big companies will, but the small independents would not be able to cope with the fees. I feel this is what it's targeted at: the small people with low listener bases. If this goes through, and the appeal fails, I think we will be seeing some more overseas music. This whole thing is a horrible idea. i think One of the stations here in Ohio decided to just go independent, and is now a modern rock station that is based on listener donations. I try to support them all I can.
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  • This can't be good news.

  • Great, so we're going to have corporate internet radio just like we have corporate airwaves radio.

    So much for things belonging to the people, eh?
  • Frankly, I couldn't care less.  The owners of the music have the right to charge whatever they want for however anyone wants to distribute their music.  If they're so short-sighted as to go in this direction, good luck and good riddance to them.  The future will be with music that isn't so encumbered. 
    I hope they go all the way.  I hope they keep making it harder and harder to distribute this sort of music.  I hope they burn their own bridges down.  Internet radio dying would be wonderful for independent music. ^_^
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