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So I went to my local CompUSA and to my surprise they were going out of business. Everything in the store was 40%-60% off. It was amazing. I got a few games that I wouldn't normally pay for and a new microphone headset (you're welcome Jason). I suggest you guys stop by your local CompUSAs to see if they are going out of business.


  • Hmm, more stores going down now? Worth a look.
  • Mine was closing last week, and the stuff was still stupid crazy expensive. We're talking PS2 budget titles for $27 (instead of $19 at Wal-Mart); old, used mice for $13; wireless routers (g) for $65.... And these were the sale prices. Most everything was in fairly abused condition, as well.

    On the other note, now WIP and I can get back to beating each other over the head in Wesnoth, with non-crackly VOIP fun. Die, infidel!
  • On the other note, now WIP and I can get back to beating each other over the head in Wesnoth, with non-crackly VOIP fun. Die, infidel!
    A guy on CS:Sauce yesterday said my mic sounded like someone was running a chainsaw right behind me.
  • This is kind of old news, they've been closing a lot of them lately. Mine has been cutting prices for the last month or two saying it was closing. It started with 10-20% off, and I guess its up to 60% now. I've honestly spent enough money in mine with this whole going out of business sale. I doubt mine has much of anything left anyway, last time I was there it looked really empty.
  • I think mine closes this week, but I didn't bother checking it out. I visited the one in San Francisco when it was closing. The prices were still ridiculous compared to prices on sites, such as NewEgg.
  • We had a Macy's department store closing near us, and at a point, everything was 70% off, and there wasn't one thing I felt was a good deal to get. The original prices the had listed were ridiculous to the point were I doubt they sold their stuff for that much prior to the closing. They had down comfortors reg. $250 going for $75. I looked at a couple of diamond rings. Both were 3/4 karrot regularly over $4,000 on sale for $1,200 & 1,500. The diamonds were terrible!!! No shine and the centers were darker.

    Dress shirts on sale for $20, some went to $17!!! What a steal. NOT!! $20 is typical for the dress shirts they sell.

    I tried to find some of the cheapest things in the store: I found ugly bedshams for $7 - $13. Woohooo!
  • Was just over at my CompUSA and bought their last AGP video card... since it was $80 with tax and my current one seems to have Tourette's when I play games lately.

    They were up to 50-70% off on stuff, and they had a sign saying that Sunday it would be 70-90% off. So it seems like mine is closing Monday or Tuesday I would assume.
  • Sadly, $17 or even $20 for a dress shirt is a good deal. I go through those fuckers like crazy. Ties are even worse at $35 or so a pop.
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