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Manga online.

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Living in a small town in Iowa, there are basically no places where I can find manga. I was wondering if there is some awesome site where I could buy fairly cheap manga? Thank you in advance, I know Iowa sucks.


  • Have you tried Amazon?
  • Ecampus has cheap deals on manga. Ecampus For example if you do a search on Death Note you can buy them for about 5 dollars a pop.
  • Amazon is definitely the first choice. Instocktrades is also a good place. They mostly have trade paperbacks of american comics, but they are expanding the manga selection as they see the light.
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    Try this out. Go to Amazon and look up the books you want. Copy their ISBN numbers and paste it into the Yahoo Shopping search bar. If the seller AlphaCraze comes up then good. They have the best prices and shipping is flat rate of $2. I have ordered from them a few times and they have been good. They don't have a store front so going through Yahoo Shopping is the only way I know of to get to them. Also they do not keep up with the latest releases.It is a slight bit of work, but I think it is worth it.
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  • They do have a front. But they look kinda shady...
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    Hmmm... they had a website to check your order on. The entire store front is a recent development. The site does look pretty shady. For the time being I will stick with ordering from them through Yahoo Shopping. At least until I get some kind of confirmation about the legitimacy of the site. I have ordered from them through Yahoo Shopping a few times with no problems. Here is there ratings page at Yahoo Shopping.

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  • Cool, thank you all for the great sites.
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