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Manga Rental

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Are there any reliable and affordable manga rental systems that ship to the US?


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    Manga Rentals
    This site is exactly what you described its just like a Netflix but with manga.
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  • Well, that looks good, but it's located in Southern California. Also, $25 a month is a fairly steep price for me (coupled with Netflix costs).
    Is there anywhere else that's both cheaper and closer to NY?
  • I was looking around, it seems they corner the manga rental market in the US.
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    There's this great manga rental service that I know of, If I remember right it's free. Hmm and they can order issues that they don't have in stock too. Now what was it called again?

    Oh yeah, a library.

    They're good with most other books too.
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  • Yeah, manga rental is a pretty silly idea. If you are really hard up for manga, and low on money, the library is the win. If that doesn't suffice, there are a few places you can get digital manga downloads, both legal and illegal. Really, manga is so cheap, you should just buy it. At the minimum, you can subscribe to Shonen Jump or Shojo Beat to get your regular manga fix, especially if you like those titles. As far as I'm concerned, the only downside to manga buying is the storage space.

    If you're really hard up for cash and the library doesn't work for you, then buy cheap manga at conventions and on eBay. Then, when you're done reading, sell on eBay to buy more. Either that, or trade manga.

    The library or the book store is still the best.

    That reminds me. You can always be like those punk kids who sit on the floor at Borders.
  • Scanlations are the cheapest way to go. Best image reader I've found for manga scans is cddisplay
  • Ebb, that is a great reader! Thanks for the link!
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