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Action Philosophers

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I'm not claiming this is new by any means, but I've never seen anyone write about it on the board and I haven't heard Scrym talk about it on the show. Try out Action Philosphers!


  • I've heard many things about this comic. I finally decided to order volume one. It should be here in a few months.
  • Sorry to dig up an old thread, but I was wandering around town today having already spent a bunch of money (got the new Chemical Brothers album, and finally got around to getting Carcassonne) and just randomly picked this up at the comic store because the cover looked cool. I read about half of it on the bus on the way home and it was hilarious. I never thought that I would see Plato kicking so much ass!
  • Plato was pretty good, but I thought it was particularly funny when the students asked Bodhidharma to teach them how to stare holes into a wall.
  • I met the guys who make this at MoCCA. I didn't buy it though, because I ordered the first volume awhile ago. I must patiently wait for it to arrive!
  • In the style of Action Philosophers:

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