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Periodic Table of Elements (Creationism vs Darwinism)

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  • If you're going to make fun of their ignorance you really need to spell everything right, re-Discovery Institute. Techtonics.

    Plus, they forgot the fifth element:

  • Image is broken, Steve.
  • Image is broken, Steve.
    No its not...

    By the way, what is this Darwinism you talk about?
  • Everything is spelled funny for a reason. Unless you are from Kansas that is...
  • Umm, I don't see the image. Maybe AdBlock got it.
  • Nope, it's just not loading for me. Did a Google search, is it this?
  • Very similar. One or the other is the source.
  • Very similar. One or the other is the source.
    Blog it was on said it was from 2005.
  • Here be the link
  • edited May 2007
    I can see it now. It is the same as the one I posted, but far less pretty =)
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