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Manga/Comic Sale at Elk's Run $11.40 shipped

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There has been a sale going on for the past week at . I'm sure some of you know about it. The books marked "mega sale" have an additional 20% taken off their regular prices, so a lot of the stuff is 42% off MSRP. I have just recieved my first order today. I caught up on my Fullmetal Alchemist and got some other stuff. So if you're interest, go check it out. Some of the stuff may be a bit disorganized, so use Amazon to check the ISBN numbers, to be sure you are ordering what it says it is. I heard about this sale for The sale ends on 6/16/07
Just listened to the episode about Elk's Run. I am going to order it. As the titles states, they have it for $11.40 shipped for other people who are interested.


  • I am tempted to buy every issue of Death Note.
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    Ya, I already had 1-5. So ,for this sale I ordered what they had. Initally, they had volumes 1-5 and 9-11. Now they also have volumes 7-8. So I ordered 9-11 last week and just ordered 7 and 8 today. Be sure to check the ISBN's for Death Note. I know some of the ones that are titled volume 8 are incorrect.
    I ordered too much stuff because of this sale.
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  • One of the volumes of Death Note up there is actually volume 11. You can tell by both the ISBN and the picture.

    So I just spent too much money on that sale. Still! Now I get Astroboy and Escaflowne box sets and 10 out of 12 Death Note volumes coming to me! Something nice to look forward to in the coming weeks after exams~ And sooo much cheaper than getting them in Australia (seriously, less than half price :/) as the shipping was actually reasonable for once!

    Friggin' Americans and their free shipping and cheap online purchases. I'm so jealous.
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