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Good intentions don't always mean that it make's it ok.

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I mean, what is the country coming to if it has to pay people for doing things that they should be doing for themselves and their families?  This sounds like a program they would enact in France.  null


  • First, this is an NYC thing.

    Second, it makes sense. People respond to incentives, so giving the poor money rewards for attending or doing certain things should cause them to do and attend those things, because money is very important and a good motivator (especially when you have none.) This is certainly better then when Gulliani rounded up all the homeless and threw them in jail. With this they're trying to alter their actions in hopes that it makes things better for them, and the city too.
  • The question "what is this country coming to" is a flawed supposition built on the premise that things used to be better. People have always been bastards; the difference today is that we focus more on isolated problems and solutions through a much more scrutinizing, educated, and liberal lense.
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    I don't know about this one. Monetizing the simplest act leads to people not doing anything for free. Aren't good grades supposed to be their own reward?

    If someone is willing to pay $1 every time I open a door why would I ever do it for free?

    When the private money runs out will the program end or will it become a taxpayer paid benefit?
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  • I second that HMTKSteve.
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    When I said what is the country coming to, I was talking how people did things in the past because it was the right thing to do, and not because they were getting paid to do them.
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  • Such as writing with correct punctuation, spelling, and grammar?
  • At least I don't get paid to post stuff on this site. When is that kind of stupid thinking going to end.
  • At least I don't get paid to post stuff on this site. When is that kind of stupid thinking going to end.
    Wtf? What does that even mean?
  • I'm siding with Sail on this one, n15pca.

    Wtf are you talking about?
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    Ah, yes, you don't get paid to post on this forum. You are also not paid to write posts which are grammatically correct, using words spelled correctly, and using correct punctuation.

    However, given your recent posts, it also appears that you have problems periodically in forming sentences which conform to the accepted standards of English.
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    And you're ugly, too.

    /tongue and cheek
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  • We *used* to get paid. Lately the checks from Scott's mom have been bouncing.
  • When is that kind of stupid thinking going to end.
    Correct spelling and adequate grammar are some of the few rules this forum has.  I'd suggest you make an effort, or else you'll be recommended for banning.
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