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GeekNights 070620 - Neon Genesis Evangelion



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    Oh right, it did say "Adams" first. I'd only remembered the "Lilin" part. ^^; Either way, should be interesting.

    And I wasn't so much complaining about that as I was weirded out. It was such a shocker when we learned the truth about that so late in the TV series, that seeing it right in the first movie threw me off. And you're right about [spoiler, maybe]the test Eva, though I suspect that a first-time viewer could rationalize that as the tester just being a "rough skeleton" for the simulation, the way a lot of vehicle simulators look on the outside[/spoiler, maybe].

    I won't go on anymore after this about the spoiler tags, so I'll end by saying that I like the square brackets and the ending tag. Guess it's because I'm used to using BBcode on forums; looks more natural to me. XD;;

    EDIT: By the way, has anyone else seen LittleKuriboh's newest video, "Dan Green Presents Abridging 101"? He uses Evangelion for all his examples, and if you've seen a some of the mediocre-to-bad "abridged series" on YouTube that try to rip off of LittleKuriboh, those examples are all the more funny. XD

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