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Playing mkv Files on a Mac

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Up until just recently I was using vlc to play fan-subs on my Mac using vlc. Today vlc started to crash when presented with an mkv file. I installed Mplayer OSX 1.0rc1 to see if that would work. Th files play fine but I can not get to the subtitles. Any idea?


  • Of course after I post in the forum, I figure out the answer. Apparently Hitting the j and/or b keys load subtitles. I figured it out by hitting random keys and noticing that text referring to subtitles was showing up.
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    Get a PC. ... And don't come saying ja ja, ... or jackass, ... or asshole. ... Mac people do it all the time. ...

    Switch to other media formats; it seems the people at Matroska don't care much for Macs. ... If Mplayer doesn't work, ... then you are probably screwed.

    Wow, this was pretty bad. Make sure you don't over use the ellipsis and capitalize proper nouns and the beginnings of sentences.
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  • What is the best solution for mkv file viewing under Linux or Windows? Even though it is less convenient I can move my fan-sub viewing into another OS if need be (macs are the everything-machine).

    I will download avi videos whenever possible,but some fan-subbers only work with mkv.
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    Yeah... on Windows, simply install CCCP codec pack and Mplayer classic, or install Mplayer with the bundle, both play mkv just fine, or at least thats my case.

    Still, mkv files and compatibility vary from fan subber to fan subber, as it's only a container, not really a media file. Hence the name Matroska, but I really don't know much about the format, just that the people subbing Capeta use mkv, and that the CCCP codec solves my problem.
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  • You push the 'j' button to change subtitle tracks in mplayer.
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    What type of Mac do you have Cramit? I find that the newest build of VLC handles mkvs much better than before. I use Mplayer sometimes but for some reason the subtitles come about 2 seconds early on every soft-subbed mkv I play, hard-subbed is fine though. I tried using the built in options to change the timing of the soft-subs but to no avail. If you have an intel mac you shouldn't have any problem, I have used my mac mini and it plays mkvs just fine. I would just suggest you update vlc, don't switch to Windows, unless you absolutely have to (ie. gaming), it makes no sense.
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  • I have a MacBook from August 2006. Up until just the other day vlc was great. All of a sudden I started getting EMBLE (or something like that) errors on files that had been okay. I assumed that they must have gotten corrupted (a scary thought, luckily I have backups) so I deleted the files and re-downloaded them. Vlc just crashes when I try to play the new files. I do not know what I changed. I downloaded the newest version of vlc and the problem remains.

    I was not going to switch to Windows, I was just going to watch the movies in a virtual Windows or Linux machine running in parallels.
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