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The Darkness

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Did anybody else pick this game up?

The Darkness OOZES pure badassery. It's frightening, funny, and fuckin' fun. It still feels like a regular console FPS but the story is conveyed so well that you give a shit about the people you're supposed to, and have a fiery hatred for everyone else. The Darkness powers are pretty awesome, but I found that I'm not using a lot of them as often as others; same goes for the guns, I don't use anything but the pistols.

It's gritty, violent, and fun. The auto-aim makes me super-pissed since it practically homes in on faces.

Anyone else interested, at least?

PS: I got it on 360.


  • Anyone else interested, at least?

    I'm very interested in it, I've read the reviews and seen the game play videos and it's definitely a game I want. Sadly I don't have a 360, yet.
  • The Darkness is a good game that eases the pain of the summer drought, but I wouldn't recommend buying it unless you are bored.
  • when I read "the darkness" I thought you meant

    Their videos are AWESOME!


    Not quite. But you get to eat hearts. :)
  • Dang, I was hoping I'd be the first to post that video.

    Good stuff.
  • I was hoping that you were talking about the band.
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    If you paid more than $5 for this game (i.e.: you didn't rent it) you really threw away your money.

    It's no Chronicles of Riddick, that's for sure.
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  • Don't those alien/demon thingies get in the way of your vision?
  • I got it for the PS3 and I'm loving it. Mike Patton as the voice of the lead bonus!!!

    Oh, and I love the in game TVs. We got some "To Kill a Mockingbird", "Flash Gordon" and some other stuff on the PS3...what do you get on the Xbox 360, same or different?
  • Mike Patton isn't Jackie - He's The Darkness!

    360 is all the same TV content. I watched about 30 mins of To Kill a Mockingbird. What a badass movie.
  • yeah, the Darkness is totally Mr. Bungle.
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