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Civil War.

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I just wish we would see more stories like this from the news wire. I don't agree with some of stuff in this story, but it's a good thing to see a story like this in the news. They talk about what happens in this comic so you been warned.

Civil War


  • And it said that the issue isn't even out yet and the end is "spoiled". I would use the term loosely. Sounds more like a marketing thing.
    Jeph Loeb's the writer? Even though I haven't read Fallen Son, I would say that he sounded like the correct person to write the story, seeing how he also has to deal with his real life tragedy, so the emotional aspect should be in the right spot.
    Even though Captain is dead, we still got The Ultimates.
  • I have not read it but yje interwebs say that Fallen son is not so hot.
  • I bought the first three and they aren't. To me if they Loeb hadn't dragged his feet and they had gotten all 5 issues out within a reasonable amount of time after the event, they it would have resonated and meant more. It's been too long and Cap's death isn't as colossal now as it was months ago.
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