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In the market for a gaming TV - looking for advice/recommendations

So I'm in the market for new TV which will be used primarily for gaming (some Blu-ray and DVD watching as well). I'm looking to spend about $2000 and here are the specs I'm looking for:

- 1080p
- 42" screen size
- at least 2 HDMI ports
- at least 2 component ports
- a DVI or VGA port would be preferable

So anyone on the forums have a TV similar to what I'm looking for that they highly recommend? Should I go Plasma or LCD? Right now I'm leaning towards a Sharp Aquos or a Samsung, but I'm definately open to suggestions. Thanks guys and gals.


  • I have an LG LCD TV and it's great!

    LCD is good if you have a very bright room or have problems with reflections on the screen.
  • I have a Sharp Aquos - so does a buddy of mine. That's a damn fine TV.
  • Just wanted to update everyone on this:

    So I ended up buying the 42" Sharp Aquos 1080P LCD. After a few days I noticed some vertical and horizontal banding on the unit. This was very noticeable while playing games because of the panning. I contacted the retailer and they ordered another for me.

    Once it arrived I took my PS3 in and tested the new unit (as well as a floor unit), surprisingly both suffered from the same banding issue. Did some research and some recent Sharps have been known to suffer from banding and even CNET had to go back and re-review the TV after noticing the banding after their intial review.

    In the end I ending up trading the Aquos in for a 40" Samsung 1080 LCD. So far so good, no banding and some great color. Don't get me wrong though, the Aquos was amazing other than the banding issues.

    So I just wanted to warn anyone in the market for a Sharp Aquos to check the unit out closely to ensure there's no banding. To test it use a video game which you can do panning and find a gray background to test it on.
  • BestBuy is running a deal right now where if you buy a Samsung HDTV you get a free massage chair.

    On a related note I saw two HDTV sets on the rotten rack at my local Best Buy store last week. Both were missing remotes (no biggie) but the 42" Plasma HDTV was cheaper than the 32" LCD HDTV. Both were 720P.

    I thought about buying the Plasma because it was only $700 but it's not 1080P. I knew I would be kicking myself soon after.
  • I saw a HDTV on newegg a little while back that had more plug stuff in then I've ever seen. It was also fairly cheap, close to $1,000 I think.

    Anyway, I would recommend going to newegg as a way of doing research on the different ones out there. Then heading to your local big box electronics store to buy it there.
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    Check this chart to get the most out of your HD. Just sit at about 5 feet from your 40" screen.
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  • I expect a lot of 720P HDTVs to be going on sale with huge discounts very soon.

    I was reading that WalMart is getting a sub $200 HD-DVD player for the holidays (among other stores) yet they only sell 720P HDTVs there!

    I was at a Target store last week and I was looking at their offerings. They had one that was dirt cheap next to some more expensive ones when I noticed something. They were using the coax to feed the low priced HDTVs and the HDMI for the high priced models! How can I tell which TV is a better buy if they don't all use the HDMI signal?

    If you go to a Best Buy store you will quickly notice that the over head lights in the HDTV section are all turned way down or off. Yeah, even a crap TV looks good in the dark!

    At the edge of the HDTV section (where the lights are on) they had a Sony setup to show off Blu-ray and it looked awesome! I think that setup was installed by Sony. Further down was a similar HD-DVD setup but it was not working...

    I would like a good 1080P HDTV but I just can't justify the expense yet.
  • I sit about 5 feet from my good ol' rocking least when I'm gaming.
  • I sit about 5 feet when gaming and 10 feet when watching.
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