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Bedroom router

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I currently have about 5 computers in my room plus a DS and only one wire to share between. I can't change the home router as my Dad would blow his nut. What I want to do instead is get a second router (probably one of these ) and run the cable I have at the moment into that then out to the various computers. I'd like to know if there is anything I should know about connecting two routers and configuring one to run through the other.


  • Not really. I've never had a problem. Unless you go wireless, you can even leave it unlocked.

    Now . . . let's try to think why we need five computers in one bedroom . . .
    1. Scool Work + Internet (wimpy box)
    2. Gaming Rig (hot box)
    3. pr0n server (hard box)
    4. ???
    5. Profit!
  • 4. File server for all music and videos, obtained legally of course
  • Right. And remember: When you support filesharing, you support TERRORISTS!

    5. ? Perhaps a DVR type box?
  • You don't need a router, you need a switch. Nowadays, switches are brain dead easy. You don't even need crossover cable. Buy a switch from Best Buy or New Egg and plug the Cat 5 cable coming into your room into it. Then plug your other computers into the switch. I've got a 16 port switch serving my basement office and a 4 port switch serving my 360 and PS3 upstairs.
  • Thanks for the switch information. I'll go and look for a wireless one after writing this.
    Almost with the reasons I would need 5 computers.
    1 oldish tower (Athlon XP)
    2 OLD tower (AMD K7)
    3 Laptop (main computer, Sempron)
    4 Gentoo and suchlike experiment laptop (P4-M)
    5 PS2 with net connection
    +6 DS Lite
  • Follow up: I now have a 24 port gigabit switch I got from a pile that was being thrown away at school. I doubt I will use it at home due to the power consumption but should be great for lan parties.
  • I had a spare router around and just dumbed it down to a switch and I've had no issues. I think you'll be fine regardless of what you choose.
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