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The Materials

edited April 2006 in Flamewars
Okay, after hearing the episode on Masturbation, I'd like to disagree with the sock material. I think that toliet paper is by far the best way to go. All you have to do is catch it with it and then flush it down the toliet. The best way to hide the evidence is to destroy it! The sock thing sounds like it would be a major canadit for having people able to both find it and put it on if they don't know that it has little sea people inside. Therefor I argue that toilet paper is better than socks!


  • I concur. Little sea people. Teehee.
  • Toilet paper, like tissues, is very dusty. It's got little particles of paper or somethin that get in the air. Socks are... ouchie. Shower is def. the best way to disspose of the evidence. Or if you have a window without a screen in your room.... heh. Yeah. That works too.
  • Well, I still have to try out the shower technique. I'll be sure to try it next time if I remember.
  • Hell, just let it go into a trashcan that has a plastic bag lineing then put a tissue on it. Then be sure to thow the damn thing out every week.
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