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I just was wondering if anyone else here had read any of this series, and what was your opinion of it. I got suggested it by the guy who used to run the used book store near Millennium, and it is a good american comic series. If you haven't, it might be worth a read, it's still running and is about to release volume six of the graphic novel edition.

I was just offering it up because it seems like sometimes Anime fans seem to get this idea that anything good has to come from overseas. *Whistles and walks away before anyone can point out the long list of british authors that line his shelves.*


  • I got all of it. That's part of the reason I'm picking up preacher is because I've already got all the Fables and Y: The Last Man trade paperbacks. It's really good, but it gets less good in the more recent volumes, specifically the most recent two trades. They sort of gave away the big secret of the book, but not 100%. But I'm kind of pissed because if the secret is what they said it's pretty lame.

    I still highly reccomend at least the first two or three trade paperbacks. They are great detective stories all on their own. And there's no reason to read past those if you can bring yourself to forget about the "big plot".
  • I only read the first four trade paperbacks and they were incredible. I'm too busy reading The Sandman now to read the rest, though. Both are great Vertigo titles.

    I was introduced to Fables through a camp counselor of mine at the Summer Institute for the Gifted in Amherst, Massachusetts. He saw me reading V for Vendetta, and said that I should pick up Fables immediately. So, I did, and got hooked for a while, but slowly slipped into reading The Sandman thanks to people who saw me reading Fables recommending it.

    So, ever since, I've been really behind on Fables. I need to pickup some more of the graphic novels soon.
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    Lucifer is my favorite comic series. It's been collected into trades as well. I highly recommend it if you liked Preacher.

    Preacher totally ruined The Da Vinci Code for me. When it became clear what was going on, I was like: "seen it, taped it."
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  • I remember 1st reading it when DC put it online after it sold out and loved the concept. I've been reading it since. I dunno about the big secret being lame, they made Boy Blue totally bad ass... after that storyline he became my favorite character.
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