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I saw the first three (all three?) volumes of Oldboy in Chapters today (Canada's B&N) and picked them up on a whim. I burned through the first volume (9 chapters) and I was shocked as to how interested I was. I was sucked in within the first ten pages and I didn't stop until I finished. I'll read all three for sure, and make some spoilerific post later, but I am interested to see how this pans out.
The first volume was super duper slow, but I was grabbed by the story and really quite interested in the main character. The art is really slick and the backgrounds are very detailed... I really hope the pace picks up though, I don't know how much talking I can handle in three volumes, no matter how well done it is.
Anyone else read(ing) it?


  • Have you watched the movie? I think it's in our Netflix.
  • No I haven't but really wanted to before this. My buddy is a movie buff and hates almost everything - he loved OIdboy, but I figured since I found the manga I'd read it.
    FYI to anyone interested, there are 8 volumes.
    Also, it was primarily talking in all 3 volumes - I could totally handle it, despite what I thought earlier.
  • I have seen Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance which is also part of the directors "revenge trilogy". Mr. Vengeance was beautifully shot and very haunting, but also very slow and depressing. I have heard that Old Boy is neither as slow nor as depressing.
  • I haven't seen Mr. Vengeance, but I've heard that it was more of an "art film" than Oldboy. Oldboy is supposed to be the "hollywood-esque" piece, while Lady Vengeance (the third movie) is a compromise of the two. I really enjoyed Lady Vengeance, even some things are a bit hard to follow. (What was the significance of the gun? Not a spoiler, first scene.)
  • Well, I need to start over to get this manga fresh in my mind. I FINALLY found Old Boy Volume 4, so I ordered 4-8 today. PUMPAGE. I think if I like it enough I'm gonna pick up the Blu-Ray if it's not ludicrously expensive.
  • I've watched it and fully enjoyed the movie, it's another movie that is on the list of good foreign films.

    I also like volcano high thats a ridiculously funny movie.
  • Never heard of it. I might check it out.
  • Movies You Should See reviewed Old Boy in one of their podcasts.
  • It's been in the Netflix queue for awhile. We'll see it some day.
  • I have seen the movie and ........

    I really can't say anything without spoiling it horribly...

    but there is one scene in a hallway when the camera does not move that involves a blunt instrument, that is totally awesome!
  • Yeah, the whole movie is awesome!

    The manga too but it looks like the 4th volume is never going to make it to Austria *sob*.

    On another note, in the German version there is an interesting text about the way a movie adaptation should be made. Being based mostly on the view of the director and merely interpreting the plot to make the outcome as enjoyable as possible in a different medium. Oldboy is one of the few multi medium stuff that is enjoyable in each version and in which the order you watch it doesn't matter.
  • Uhh... Don't feel too upset. If you've got 1-3 then leave it at that. It deteriorates in quality severely from four through 8.
    Movie time soon.
  • I've watched all 3, Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, Oldboy, and Sympathy for Ms. Vengeance. Actually I own all of them but Oldboy. Mr Vengeance was the most visually stunning and my favorite of the 3. Oldboy is very good and the most disturbing. I would recommend all of them, they will stay with you each in it's own special way.
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