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The World Wide Web

edited December 2005 in Technology
It's funny. I used to make jokes about web design. Now I do it for a living, and not an uneasy one. Of course, I have to take Microsoft up the ass, but there's hope on the horizon for PHP.

So someone coined the term "AJAX" a while back. (I was going to link to a page about the makers of AJAX cleaning products, but...I can' t fucking find the owners of that trademark on the web anymore. I love Google.) Since then, everyone's pretty damn sure it's going to revolutionize the Internet.

Speaking as someone who knows how to use the technology, and others besides, I've gotta ask: whatever happened to Web 1.0? I mean, AJAX is all about performance...of course, you could just cut a couple hundred KB of your front page and achieve the same effect. And the whole encapsulation and standarization of networking code in the browser...yeah, we don't need that anymore.

Seriously: Google has some fine uses for it. I've used it to great effect in data management applications--but oh, do you have to watch your security when you open that can of worms. Apart from that, the web seems pretty barren. Microsoft invented it 5 years ago, and never thought of anything to do with it. Whatever, fuckers.

And then, of course, there's Web 2.0, SVG, CSS 3, XHTML, and all that total nonsense. It's total nonsense, of course, because a bunch of people got together years ago and decided the web was going to be a place of standards...then Microsoft said "go fuck yourself" in 2000, Netscape jumped over the moon, and that was the end of progress.

Seriously, nothing's changed since 2000, except Google. Sure, embedded video is more widespread--that's bandwidth, not technology. Dumbass client-side scripting for advertising? Processing power. Flash videos are everywhere--but Flash was old in 2000. Dreamweaver and Fireworks are still the tool of choice for "web designers" everywhere who can't master sideways-pointing arrows and slashes.

Podcasts are cool. I like them, because it's an example of an actual application of technology, rather than a pure technology. People forget that technology is meaningless if there's no use for it. MP3's have been around as long as DVD's, and the Internet is older than all of us (young people that is), and there are still new things to do with them. the web pretty much mature?


  • You kind of talked about like 10 different things there, not sure what exactly you're trying to say. All I'm going to say is that AJAX and web standards are awesome. I'm currently in the process of trying to make multiplayer web games that require no plugins or bandwidth using AJAX and canvas. Check my blog for the shitty shitty demo.
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