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Desert Punk

edited April 2006 in Anime
Okay, so the first episode came with my Newtype DVD this week. I gotta say, it has my interest. The show descriptions are all over the net, so I won't go into detail, but it has a Trigun meets Lupin III feel, with a dash of Combustable Campus Guardess. The opening is pretty cool too, and I can only describe it as 'live action anime'. It's worth watching, despite the somewhat gratuitous boobage (although it is very a la Fujiko).

I'll say this as well, the dub is out freakin' standing. The translators/scriptwriters for the English version did a bang up job. I suggest checking it out.


  • Oooh. This looks somewhat promising.

    Heh.. We really need a break from all the crap anime we've been reviewing lately ^_~
  • I just saw a web banner for it. Conspiracy desu!
  • Just a word...Kate hated it. -_-0 I can see why, but with the asshole attitudes of most of the characters, I think it's right up Scrym's ally.
  • I am the god of reviving dead threads!!!!!!!!!!!

    To quote Fast Karate:
    Desert Punk?!?!
  • I've recently seen a few episodes of this show and so far it's been pretty good
  • Troll more subtly.
  • Wow, it is a troll. At first I thought it was too lame to be trolling, but this... this is just ridiculous.
  • I just saw a web banner for it. Conspiracy desu!
    I suppose a coordinated advertising campaign counts as a conspiracy.
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