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My logo attemp....hand drawn.

edited April 2006 in Everything Else


  • fuck, that didn't work.

    I scanned the image local to my machine. Rym or Scott, any chance I can just e-mail the damn thing to you guys to post?
  • I emailed my to you. Please go ahead and kill this discussion topic thing.

    fuck it....12.5 hour work day....matrix go sleep now.
  • You did not.... just link to an image from your local computer.... no.... no.... the horror...
  • Yes, you truly do not understand computers. Sorry. Don't worry, we will save you.
  • I know computers, really I do. I also realize my fuck up. Gimmie a break, I was up at 4 am do to a server crash, in at work from 5 am to 6:30 pm (that's 13.5 hours) then a bunch of shit went on at night and I didn't get home until about a half hour before I posted. I sorry for being brain dead.
  • Just upload it to a website and give it's directory from there. If you have a Yahoo! acount, then you probably can use geocities with it. I know geocities sucks, but it's usually fine if you only have a few pics on it.
  • Yeah. I'll take care of that once I actually get home tonight. I was barley awake when I was trying to post the stupid thing. Ass long day plus drowsy allergy meds = stupid shit.
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