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Japan News Bit

edited April 2006 in Everything Else
So, it's Emi. I was just wondering (this is something I discussed briefly with Rym) as to what the opinion would be of a bimonthly or so segment dealing with the news in over here on the other side of the globe. Weird, Random, know...stuff about my Genshiken/AMI homies. I might yoink one of Eiken's mics and interview some of the German board gamers I hang around with. (German games aren't easy to learn in English, imagine settlers of Catan in Japanese..."mugi nimai choudai!") I am somewhat doubtful that it would really fit in to the groove those two have gotten down, and neither my mic nor my radio presence is anything to brag about, however, I thought it might appeal to a swath of the geeknights population. So what say you? 5 minute long sound-bites...

Oh and Scott, feel free to nix this at any time. The interview thing was something I don't believe I talked to you much about, it was more something I jumped at on my own.



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