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Juggling: Jason Garfield vs. Chris Bliss

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I'm a fan of Dave Slusher and his Evil Genius Chronicles podcast. He is often a contrarian and his take on the juggling is that while Garfield is crazy talented, Bliss’s routine was more artistic and therefore more enjoyable. In other words, there was more to the performance than the number of balls in the air. After listening to Rym & Scott talk about it after Slusher, I had to watch the Garfield video. I note that something like 160,000 people watched it. I had only seen the Bliss video. I note also that one of the comments astutely pointed out that Garfield did his in multiple takes (the exit sign was off and on at various times).

As a wimpy three ball juggler, I am in awe of Garfield’s talent. Yet I don’t dismiss Bliss. To each his own. Maybe juggling will suddenly take off in popularity and this summer people will flock to concerts featuring people juggling to music. It could also become a hit TV show. This fall, we’ll all watch American Juggler on TV and we’ll get to pick who is America’s next great juggler.


  • And if their juggling is not up to scratch, they get voted out! I like your thinking! No wait! We'll make it even better! Make it so that the viewers decide on who they think is the better juggler, so then, the ones who have actual talent are completely fucked, because the viewers don't know shit! Haha! Winning combination!

    I think the three ball one was more artistic, I liked it. the 5 ball one was cooler, but less juggling to the song, as was the actual point. I can juggle three balls for about an hour without dropping one, including silly tricks. Admittedly, I havent done this in a while. However, I don't know if I would be able to put on that guys 4 minute show. I was still fairly impressed. The 5 ball one seemed like he was just trying to show off that you can throw more balls in the air than three. In all likelyhood, the guy who was doing three balls can also do 5. He just didn't wanna. I say this because most people, when they're that good, will have tried throwing extra balls into the salad. Maybe he didn't want to because he didn't think he could handle all of them for the whole song (Which, as pointed out up there, the 5 ball guy didn't), or maybe he didn't think it did what he was trying to do.

    It may just be that I'm talking out of my ass and half my sentences probably don't make sense.
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