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Is Tuesday night the 100th show?

I was listening to yesterday's show and it was said during the panel that if the Toracon portion aired Wednesday it would be the 101st show. Since it aired Monday that would make it the 99th show, right? So then that makes the Tuesday April 25th show the 100th episode of Geeknights.

Congratulations, guys!



  • Thanks ^_^

    The number of episodes we've done is one greater than the track number field in the id3s of the mp3s themselves (not counting the 10-15 betas of varying length/quality we did prior).

    We didn't originally plan to air the panel last night, but it seemed a good fit, not actually being about anime and all that. We weren't entirely sure when it would air while we were live. Thus, it ended up being the 98th epsiode.
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