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It's handegg season



  • I know a good number of people here are crumudgeons regardings April's Fools Day, but I thought the reddit r/Seahawks x r/49ers was pretty good.
  • 2014 schedule is up!

    Not happy with such an early BYE week. However, Thanksgiving is going to be fun even though it's at SF. I need to choose which games I want to attend, even though tickets will have redonkulous
  • The NFL is the NFL. Crazy shit goes down. That being said, G-Men have a relatively easy schedule. We'll definitely fuck it up.
  • The Wests have it fairly tough. 3/4 in each division are solid playoff contenders in both AFC & NFC.
  • Packers at Seahawks week 1 WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?
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    I could make an incisive comment how how regular refs mean we win but that's not all that incisive. It's just a fact.

    You're starting 0-1 this season, Seachickens!
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  • Such optimism against a team with one the best home field advantages that is playing a team where last time they sacked their QB 8 times in the first half.

    I look forward to LOB and Seahawk front 7 taking care of the cheese.
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    All without a ref calling Al Harris' pass an interception. I know it's crazy but it does happen.
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    So the Michael Sam thing. Awesome, of course, but did he draft where he was projected based on talent, or was there any drama about his draft position b/c of sexual orientation? Just curious. I don't believe in college sports so I don't know anything about these players before they hit the pros.
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  • More than likely his coming out did affect his draft spot. Even though he was the 2013 SEC Co-Defensive Player of the Year, his NFL draft score was only 5.1 coming out of the Combine, which isn't impressive compared to others or what was expected of him. Here is the draft scoring chart:


    The person with the highest ranking going into the draft was pick #1 of Jadaveon Clowney with a 7.5.

    However, I don't necessarily think that drafting grades are the best thing either. It also takes training, coaching, and placement of a player. Point in case: Seahawks 2012 draft grades.

    There is some questions on whether or not Sam will fit the Rams current defense as well as he doesn't fit the traditional DE in the NFL. Other NFL pundits do not think it's a logical fit with the Rams, because they have two strong DEs with Robert Quinn and Chris Long. But who knows? Coach Fisher could try to fit him into another defensive slot.

    We'll see how he performs this year, but it's something for the other teams in the NFC West to look out for. As if the NFC West needed more possible defensive weapons.
  • He was not a lock to make a team, that was before he came out. Some had speculated he was trying to create a win/win situation for himself whereby coming out he either gets drafted (no assurance he makes a roster) or possibly sues on discriminatory grounds. That's a bit too cynical in my opinion but anything is possible.

    As far as the team that drafted him, I have to believe it was influenced by hometown pressure. He played his college ball in Missouri and was drafted by one of the two teams in Missouri? Color me unsurprised.

    Based purely on his football skills, I don't believe he makes the cut. The Rams have a tough D already and he's got a very long road to hoe to make that squad.
  • So I've been reading all of Eyeshield 21 again and since this is the handegg thread I thought I should talk a little about it since I think it doesn't get as much respect as it should.

    Seriously, this manga is good. Though it definitely has the shonen heritage and goes a bit by the formula at the start, it develops in something truly well crafted and thought through. The Characters are what make this manga as all of them are pretty unique, well designed and developed, and their interactions are very dynamic and funny. I particularly love Hiruma who is one of my all time favorite characters. The art also develops into something very nice over the course of the series, though it is a bit rough at the start. It conveys a great sense of motion.

    Seriously, everybody who likes football, and even a lot of people who don't, should read this thing. Stay away from the anime though. It suffers horribly from the "we air at the same time as the manga is released" syndrome.
  • Preseason started on Sunday. I know most of you don't care, but I find it exciting. Looking forward to watching Denver host Seattle tonight. :3
  • Rochelle said:

    Preseason started on Sunday. I know most of you don't care, but I find it exciting. Looking forward to watching Denver host Seattle tonight. :3

    Only Seattle is so desperate for sports that they'll watch preseason handegg. May as well watch the Pro Bowl.
  • Yeah because we don't have a baseball team that has a chance for a wild card spot in the playoffs, or a number 1 in the conference major league soccer team. You call it desperate. I call it enthusiasm. Nothing like east coast bias of people acting like we're Alaska with nothing better to do.
  • Watching you guys watch pre-season sportsball is like watching the early days of southwestern hockey where the fans would clap when goals were scored.

    It's adorable. ^_~
  • I'll gladly take team/fan/city camaraderie any day =D.
  • I watch all the preseason games including for the teams I hate. I just love hand egg that much. Let them judge us with their cold, dead eyes, Ro. They don't get it like we do.

    I live by the Stanley Cup holders and two of the three best records in MLB are within a 30 minute drive of my house. Even though I hate basketball, I'm also less than 30 minutes away from the nba franchise with the second most NBA championships. Despite all the excellent sporting options available to me, I still love hand egg in spite of the fact that the Rams and Raiders left the area before I even knew what hand egg was.

    Let them hate, Ro. We know what's up with the east coast bias and we can't let it phase us.

    Also; You're trip to the house of pain is less than a month away now! Enjoy your preseason wins because you're starting the regular season 0-1-0!!
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    I understand that the cheese-heads are excited that Rodgers is looking healthy along with a set of new recruits, however don't expect to come to the CLink and think you're going to defeat us so easily.

    Remember last time Rodgers got sacked 8 times. I'm excited with some of the new members. Christine Michael looks like a solid back up for Lynch. Also Brock Coyle was a great snag as an undrafted free agent.

    I believe the Packers will do very well this year, however my money on the NFC championship is Saints vs. Seahawks.
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  • Learn about football from Chip Kelly, and listen to Scott cry about the Eagles.
  • Starfox said:

    Learn about football from Chip Kelly, and listen to Scott cry about the Eagles.

    "If I hear Hotel California one more goddamned time..."
  • Hoyer finally named the starting QB for Cleveland. now the real Jonny Football watch begins. =p
  • So I've been listening to an NFL podcast called NFL: Around the League.

    They are pretty informative and amusing to listen to when it comes to all things NFL and of course what's going on around the league. One of the cohosts and writers of made a bet earlier this summer that if Johnny Football didn't start week 1, he'd eat his softball pants.

    They release a new episode every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today's podcast will talk about the news of Hoyer being the starter.

    One of the funnier bits, that's now a running gag throughout the podcasts is whenever they mention Jairus Byrd, they play this youtube clip because they were even confused on how to pronounce the guys name. The pronunciation in the clip is just silly, but everytime they play it on the podcast, I can't stop laughing.

  • Prof. Pangloss linked this on my FB wall. I shed a few tears from laughter.

  • Fuck the Eagles
  • I don't like Cam Newton very much, but he's pretty funny in this:

    The other dude is painful though. There's a bunch more with Peyton too.
  • Why no love for Cam?

    I find this silly and amusing:

  • His Superman shtick is the worst.
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