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Battle Angel Alita " Last Order"

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Well, I will start by saying that I have only read a relatively short summary of the first part of the original story. It was summarized in about 32 pages and it was back in 99 and it was in spanish, and I the time I thought " I will never be able to read the real thing so might as well read the summarized version , right? " . Well I thought that with volume 9 everything was over and done and for what it was it was a good story and the fight scenes where awesome, yeah even though I read them and I didn't even saw any of the original artwork at the time I though they were awesome.

Then on the summer of 2004 I saw on the bookshelves Battle Angel Alita "Last Order" I was attracted to it for some strange reason. I bought as soon as I opened and saw to little androids walking across a mine field in order to not be shot by some militaristic regime. I thought to myself wow at least I will be able to see the back story of Alita, it would be cool. And it say the last order so I guess it will be only a couple of volumes, how wrong I was.

I read the whole manga in the car and then I enter and bought the second volume, and then I had to wait for the 3rd volume. It was interesting to see how the author went back to his original creation and give it a back story and decided to give it a total end, that at volume 9 it is still not close to the horizon. I mean FINALLY in volume 9 I was able to understand why is called " Last Order".

This manga is not for the one the can't handle blood, the cutting of some limbs in two, three, four parts. However , if you enjoy over the top martial arts, awesome character development and a glimpse of Alita's background and the story of how she got to be in that junkyard on the first place " Last Order "  is a great read.

There is one volume that is about a galactic martials arts tournament but it is important cuz it bring to the scene to one of the hottest characters ever Vilma

If you like moe on your manga, stay away from this one.

Battle Angel Alita is my anti-moe  :P


  • BAA is pretty much my one of my favorite manga ever.

    The pacing is impeccable.
  • I have all of the BAA books and I love them, but I haven't started buying Last Order yet. I did download a few scans to take a peek, and it looks like his art has changed a bit. I read somewhere that he's working digitally now, but I think it may have more to do with the break he took. I don't know how I feel about it...I guess I'll have to take some time to absorb it. I'll definitely be buying these, though.
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