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Your Firefox Extensions

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(Alright, I searched the forums and couldn't find anything like this. Delete this if I am mistaken.)

I think it's about time that we had a thread here about Firefox extensions. It has come up quite a few times in the forums from what I can tell, but I think it would be nice to have a centralized area for all of these. So I'll start.

Adblock Plus - Amazingly useful ad-blocking tool. Most people here use it I think.

Filterset.g - This is a filterset for Adblock Plus.(Note: I have tried the Filterset.g updater and I cannot get it to work.)

Google Images Re-Linker - This one allows you to click on a thumbnail on Google Images and jump straight to the full picture view.

Download Statusbar - Let's you see and manage your downloads in a small bar on the bottom of your browser.

IE Tab - For that every once in a while when you can only view a page in Internet Explorer, this addon lets you open a new tab that runs IE.

Long Titles - Due to a bug, Firefox breaks long tooltips with a "..." This is mainly for reading XKCD, but it can get in the way of other work sometimes.

Tab Mix Plus - Adds a few features to your tabs, making it easier to do things.


  • I've really cut back on extensions. I use developer's toolbar, colorzilla, and Firebug for web development. Other than that I use adblock plus, (the old one), and google browser sync. That's it.
  • I like scrapbook, saving one web page on your computer can come in quite handy.
    Bugmenot, for logging onto sites which I only want to visit or a download.
  • ......
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    Oh God. 1. I'm not going to find links for you people. At least, not yet, perhaps after an edit.
    • Adblock Plus - Adblock.
    • Bookmarks Duplicate Detector - Detects duplicate bookmarks. Handy when you find a site, don't know you already have it bookmarked and bookmark said site again. You'll get a warning saying you already have that bookmark, with its location and if you want to make a dupe or not. I rarely use it, and should just remove it since I recently cleaned out my bookmarks from 100+ to 30-50?
    • Calculator - Awesome and easy calculator under Alt+c which loads in the sidebar so I can still see the numbers I want to crunch.
    • Clean and Close - Injects some code in your downloads window to overwrite the 'Clean up' button. Results in said button saying "Clean up and close" and thus closes the empty downloads window after cleaning it. Extremely useful, even though I rarely use it, it's awesome in its simplicity.
    • Colorzilla - The same extension Scott talked about in the Firefox Extensions episode.
    • CSSviewer - Use it rarely, since I forgot about it. Very useful when you want to find out how someone did something with CSS. Nice, but probably deletable.
    • Cutemenus - Crystal SVG - Aesthetic extension. Won't go.
    • DictionarySearch - Gives the possibility to add quick search engines to your right click menu if you have a word selected. Currently only using, but iirc it can hold 4 search locations. Really awesome, 4 clicks and I know the meaning of those weird English words you people tend to use.
    • Download Statusbar - There's currently a file in there waiting to be opened.
    • DownThemAll! - Download manager. Focuses mainly on downloading a lot of stuff at once. Just click one of the filters, or make one if you're going to use it more often, or add it in the extra filters input field and hit downthemall to download all those files fitting the filters.
    • ErrorZilla Mod - Shows a useful error page when a website cannot be reached. Useful with a retry button, google cache button, colarize and a few others.
    • Fisheyetabs - Keeps all your tabs visible at all times. And extends them when you get close. I takes getting used to, but it's nice. Aesthetic of course.
    • Fission - Address bar like Safari. Only I made the graphic gold colored to fit my theme. Aesthetic.
    • Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer - Synchronizes your bookmarks to a remote server. Which you can then access from any browser. Useful if you use a lot of different computers and want your bookmarks within reach, and/or a backup of your bookmarks. I think Scott's Google Browser Sync does the same.
    • Fuzzy time - Vague worded representation of the current time. Faster to use then the digital clock on your PC (for me that is). Aesthetic.
    • Gmail manager - For my Gmail needs.
    • Greasemonkey - Scripts manager. Contains scripts like: Google Image Relinker, Greases Lightbox, Gmail mark read button, Gmail random signature, Text Area Resize, RS Bundle (makes using Rapidshare easier, like telling you when you can download your 'queued' file, auto-redirecting you to the download page and allowing you to use download managers without an account), and various scripts for browser bases MMORPG's like Nexus War and Shartak.
    • IE Tab - For IE only sites. Though they are getting less and less. Still useful when tinkering with a web page and quickly wanting to see the difference without window differences messing stuff up.
    • MinimizeToTray - Must for me. I hate having a cluttered task bar. If it can go to the tray, it should go to tray when minimized.
    • Nexus War Safe analyzer - Tool for Nexus War.
    • No Go Buttons - Removes the Go and Search buttons after the address and search bar. They clutter up my window.
    • nwtool - Nexus War tool with logging.
    • OpenBook - Bookmarks something extension. I swear I had that uninstalled. >.o?
    • OpenTaal woordenlijst (OpenLanguage word list/dictionary) - Dutch spellcheck dictionary for Firefox.
    • PopupSound - Plays a sound on a few events. Like a pop up window is blocked, a link is clicked or a file is done downloading. I only use it for the file download is done option.
    • Screengrab - Easy and fast screen grabbing of your current Firefox tab. Really awesome and useful when needed. Can save the visible portion of a page of the entire page in either jpg or png. Rarely used like Colorzilla, but so darned useful when you need it.
    • Show Picture - Option in right click menu to redownload an unloaded picture on a website, which tends to happen too often for various reasons here. *grumble*
    • Stylish - Greasemonkey kind of scripts manager, but mainly aimed at visuals. Currents scripts installed: Add-ons Manager - cleaner design, Combine Stop/Reload buttons (you only need one at any given moment, if at all), Firefox - Find Toolbar same as FF1.5 (I hate(d) the lack of 'next' and 'previous' buttons they took from the quick search bar under ctrl+f with 2.0), Firefox - Menu icons (Haven't figured its exact use besides adding a few more icons to my menus), This Page Intentionally Left Blank - Silver (awesome about:blank page)
    • Tab Counter - Top right corner tells me the number of open tabs in the current window. Useful when I have a lot of tabs open.
    • Tab Mix Plus - Tab power and session saving. Saves more then just the last session, which I find very useful.
    • United States English dictionary - Dictionary for spellchecking.
    • Update Notifier - Notifies you when there are new updates to extensions/themes in the top right corner.
    • Woordenboek Nederlands - Dutch Dictionary.
    Too darn many. And I think I had already uninstalled a few of those 3 days ago... ah whatever.
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  • I use adblock, download bar, and weather.
  • I like scrapbook, saving one web page on your computer can come in quite handy.
    Why do you need an extension for this? You can't just go to File->Save as?
  • Scrapbook: Apparently it can save snippets, organize the scraps like Bookmarks and many other things. It's basically an organizer for (scraps of) websites.
  • FoxyTunes lets me run iTunes, Winamp, or a half-dozen other jukeboxes from a very small bar at the bottom of the screen. No more switching windows while I surf.
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    Lessee... Just what I can think of, or see, right now...
    Google Reader Notifier
    Google Notebook
    GMail notifier
    Download statusbar
    Adblock and Adblock Filterset Updater
    4chan extention
    User Agent Switcher
    Undo Closed Tabs (which I don't think I need, now that I bother to think about it...)
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  • I don't need much customization, but I do have FoxyTunes, a Redshift Skin, and the FullScreen Homestar add-on.
  • I hardly have any extensions any more, apart from adblock the only other thing I have is a Australian dictionary. I was getting mighty sick of firefox telling me that I spelling words like colour or dialogue incorrectly.
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    4chan extention
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  • 4chan extention
    I have to ask...WHEN AND WHY?!

    As for me I have
  • I actually like the inline image expansion, and i go to 4chan often enough that it counts.
  • A few less common ones:

    4chan extension - even though I don't go there often anymore, inline image expansion makes it totally worthwhile.
    Alexa Sparky - alexa toolbar for firefox.
    Snap Links - Right click and drag to open multiple links in new tabs

  • 4chan extension - even though I don't go there often anymore, inline image expansion makes it totally worthwhile.
    Eh? Inline image expansion? Can someone explain that one to me. I used the 4Chan extension for some time, but besides being able to open threads 'in' the 'preview' and the thread bookmark on a blue moon, I didn't it for much else since I didn't know how. Blech.
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    These are the extensions I have installed:

    Adblock Plus
    Adblock Filterset.G Updater
    Adblock Plus: Element Hiding Helper
    Adobe Contribute Toolbar
    Download Statusbar
    Exif Viewer
    Google Browser Sync
    Google Images Re-Linker
    IE Tab
    Screen Grab
    Skpye extension for Firefox
    Web Developer

    I can't say I use them all, though.
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  • Adblock Plus
    Nuke Anything Enhanced

    The last one adds a contextual menu item which allows you to remove any piece of information from any page. It's kind of an overlap of Adblock but it allows you to remove selections and text as well. It's only temporary, although there is one that is permanent: Remove It Permanently.
  • 4chan extension - even though I don't go there often anymore, inline image expansion makes it totally worthwhile.Eh? Inline image expansion? Can someone explain that one to me. I used the 4Chan extension for some time, but besides being able to open threads 'in' the 'preview' and the thread bookmark on a blue moon, I didn't it for much else since I didn't know how. Blech.

    When you click on an image, instead of opening in a new window, it expands to full size on the same page you're viewing.
  • As a web developer and anal-retentive standards Nazi, I'm a big fan of Html Validator.
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    Bumping time! I wanted to start a thread about Firefox extensions....then I found I'm just gonna bump it.

    Adblock Plus

    All in one gestures- yeah, it veers from the mouse driven firefox...but it adds stuff that I otherwise can't have without installing other extensions. For example, duplicate tab and hide object (very much akin to "nuke anything enhanced").

    All in one sidebar- very useless...except for one of the hidden/advanced options that lets you add stuff to the tab bar. Personally, I only have my bookmarks bar on the tab bar (which saves a lot of space), but the options are endless, really.

    Better youtube - has a few options for youtube. The only ones I use are youtube HD and always expand the "more info" thing. It's not that useful, and I probably don't need it...but on the other hand, it's not like it takes up much space or anything. (the new one)

    fission- useful, let's me get rid of the status bar


    Personal Menu - puts all the stuff like file, edit, etc into one menu. As with a lot of my extensions, it cuts down a lot of space.

    Secure Login- basically like Opera's wand. It's quasi useful...usually it makes logins a lot faster.

    Ultimately, most of my extensions are purely for saving space. I only have 2 toolbars, so I end up with a ton of viewing room for sites!
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  • Lets see I have:

    : See a word on your web page? Just Alt-Click it! Press the Alt key and click (using either the left or the right mouse button) on any word on your screen for instant, accurate facts.
    ChromaTabs: Colors browser tabs based on URL
    Me.dium: An interesting add-on that lets you see a cloud of other sites related to the one you're currently on, of course its dependent on users.
    PDF Download
    Penny Packer: The Penny Arcade add-on if you didn't know.
    PMOG: The Passively Multiplayer Online Game. I'm still waiting on my beta invite, but have the extension installed while waiting eagerly.
    Popup ALT Attribute: Gives an extended alt text field. Quite necessary when trying to read the alt text on xkcd.
    StumbleUpon: Me.dium has links better suited to my tastes I think, but SU isn't bad. The toolbar has the nice functionality of being able to email a link to myself if I wanna scope it later, so I mostly keep it for that.
    Woot Watcher: I love Woot so much I just might marry it, this is just the easiest way to check it.

    As for ad block, I just kind of ignore ads so I've never had a use for it, but I might get it cause I don't want some big ad in the middle of my screen while I'm reading a blog post as a pretend to work.
  • I only have web developer
  • I only have web developer
    You need Firebug at least.
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    this is just the easiest way to check it.
    Actually...if you create a bookmark to woot, right click > properties > name. Then click the arrow and go to live titles. That is the easiest way to check on woot. Though it won't tell you if something is sold out like the extension can...
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  • Adblock Plus
    United States English Dictionary
    Video Download
    Web Developer

    DOM Inspector: is a tool that can be used to inspect and edit the live DOM of any web document or XUL application.

    Download Embedded: Downloads all or selected embedded objects on a webpage.

    PDF Download: PDF Download relieves the pain experienced when encountering PDF files on the Web. Whenever you click on a PDF file, PDF Download lets you know before trying to open it, and then offers you choices such as downloading, opening, or converting it straight to HTML.

    Find most of these usefull and the PDF down loader is my favorite.
  • GeoGeo
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    I may as well tell you the extensions I have on my Firefox setup here.

    Adblock Plus: It's plainly obvious as to why I have this extension.

    AnyColor: This is more of an aesthetic preference than anything. It allows you to change your browser's color, and I keep mine on a seafoam green color.

    Delicious Bookmarks : Again, plainly obvious as to why I have this extension.

    DownloadHelper: This extension makes downloading videos and images so much easier than usual because it's a pain to do it manually. Also the fact that they support many different types of sites and formats is a gigantic plus.

    Gmail ManagerVery useful for checking my emails quickly since I only check them every so often and the Gmail delicious mark isn't visible in the Top Most Visited setting on my Delicious add-on.

    Veoh Video Compass: This is a good add-on for me because it can pick through the subject of the webpage I'm on and give links to videos. It's not just Veoh videos, but it also supports Youtube, Dailymotion, and more. Very good for when I'm looking up pages on movies, TV shows, or anime.

    Strata RELOADED: I like the design of the icons for Firefox that it gives.
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  • I just recently downloaded this extension after getting tired of Echofone

    Twitterbar: Good for updating my twitter status.
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    Furigana Injector: Turns kanji in your web browser into furigana but, unfortunately, doesn't currently work in Gmail.

    Edit: Works in Gmail in Basic HTML mode but lags like crazy.
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  • Furigana Injector:Turns kanji in your web browser into furigana but, unfortunately, doesn't currently work in Gmail.
    Ooh. That is awesome. I'll have to install that when I get home. Thanks. I have this thread bookmarked for whenever I have to reinstall Firefox.
    Adblock Plus

    Keeping it simple on the work computer.
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