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Experimental Feed - Final Thoughts

edited September 2007 in GeekNights
While listening to a bunch of your anime reviews, you've mentioned quite a bit that you have an issue with spoiling really good anime for people. And on the flip side, if you go all out to fully review an anime and say don't listen to this episode, then people who listen to the normal anime day feed, miss out on a show.

So I have a solution (which you may have already thought of):
Place your spoiler shows on Friday/Experimental Feed. Reading the forums I know that many of your listeners would love "Final Thought" shows on many of their favorite anime (myself this includes CowBoy Bebop TV Series/Movie). This would not detract from your standard anime/comic feed, so those that listen would not have to worry about being spoiled or missing a show unless they wished to. As the Experimental feed, you could do this as frequently or infrequently as time permitted (more shows during non-con seasons for instance) and people wouldn't complain (much) about a show coming out or not.



  • This really isn't necessary. The only thing keeping us from doing the final thoughts/spoiler shows on various things, especially anime, is the fact that we have no time to re-watch a lot of these anime. I haven't watched Evangelion or Escaflowne since late 2000 early 2001. When we re-watch the shows, you will get the episodes.
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