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Combustible Campus Guardess

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I FOUND IT! AnimeSuki has it for torrent and I've been looking for it for ages! I'm such a happy boy!

All I own is some like, 52nd generation hi-fi ass-quality tape of the show. I'm giddy now that I've found it again. If you haven't seen it, it's QUALITY action/comedy/silly anime. Used to be an annual tradition at RITAnime, but the tape wore out or something.


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    Searching "Combustible Campus Guardress" Came up with better results :)

    Also, Here is some info;

    I see 'production IG' in the company list and have sudden interest.
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  • I checked this out not too long ago. I gotta re download it. The first two eps were so hilarious and action-y. ^_^
  • I happened to see this years ago on my friend's LD-Player. Thinking about the number of years makes me want to cry.

    If I remember correctly, and this particular subbign has the highly old school yellow subs, then it may be a direct rip of the LD. Regardless, this show is completely awesome!
  • I appreciate the bumpin' of this thread, particularly after con season. :)
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