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Well, after listening to episode 070920, I went back to wrtie something on the forums but there was not a thread for this episode, so I decided to create one specific about books. I will say that most of what they said was correct. Never sell your books back to the bookstore and if possible never buy your books from the bookstore either. I only bought my books once on a university bookstore. I guess you do have to buy the lab manuals for and specific lab since most of them are written by the university faculty. However, I guess the advice that Scrym gave depends on the career that you are pursuing. If you take calculus, general chemistry, and all the begginging classes is ok to get old editions, but if you have past the first two years and you are getting into more deeper classes I would recommend to get the latest edition. For example if you are studing Molecular Biology or plain strait Biology, those books are updated at least every four years, I mean is a constant evoultion if you are taking any biological science mayor. I guess it is the same with most mayors out there, my brother is studing to get his computer science degree and he still have to get his books but then again for him his hw does matter cuz it is about 60 percent of his grade.
Also if you are to buy a book try to find the cheapest international edition, that can be a savings of at least 100$ and it is the same thing, the only different is that it is not hard cover. I normally use Big Words to find anything that I need. That also helps if you want to find a very old manga or rare dvd.
Well I hope it helps, and mr period be kind to me I am typing really fast cuz I have to go to work soon :P


  • Well, after listening to episode 070920

    WTF? Is half of your post missing or what? GeekNights 070920 - How to Not Suck at College part 1. I assume you're asking something about college books? Haha.
  • Well, after listening to episode 070920
    WTF? Is half of your post missing or what?GeekNights 070920 - How to Not Suck at College part 1.I assume you're asking something about college books? Haha.

    I guess I am getting blind, also I accidentally push the wrong buttom :P
  • Now I get it! Fullpost ++

    In college I always got my books online and would sell them back to the campus book store. I almost always broke even except when I made money. My last year they started making "custom" bar codes for books sold in the campus books stores so you could only sell back the books you bought from the campus book store. They were just laser printed and laminated on the books so I photocopied them and laminated them on my books so they'd buy them back. I also once lost a CD for a book and printed a label that I made from the book cover (looked close enough) and they paid me money for that one too. This was way easier then selling them outside the next semesters class.
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