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Gonads & Strife

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So Rym linking to that video was the first I had ever seen of it. Just how long ago was that thing made? I can see how stuff like that led to internet humor today like ebaums, ytmnd, etc.


  • The first time I heard about the video was on Geeknights.
  • I saw that thing years ago. I can't remember where, though. Fark, maybe.
  • RymRym
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    It was a meme that appeared, exploded, and died long ago. It re-appeared with the unveiling of the Wii recently.
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  • I first remember it my freshman year (2000ish). Still awesome, though.
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    Continuing the "Weeeeee" meme...
    Firefox Flicks just announced their winners and my personal fave Wheee! came in second. Great stuff if you haven't seen it already.
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  • Hey! I posted that first!
    I liked that one too.
  • Man, This is still just as annoying as it was when I saw it (when the internet began).
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    Geeknights was the first time I saw this. Where was I? I must have been watching the hamster dance too much. Was this out around the time of the hamster dance?

    My wife now busts out laughing whenever the snake comes out on the badger badger badger swf. That's another one I missed. I emailed her the badger.swf at work (her employer blocks albinoblacksheep) and her coworkers all in their mid twenties didn't get it. Not only did they not get it, they couldn't figure out what it was. I thought the twenty somethings would be all over it but they weren't. I find that more often than not I am wrong about the coolness levels of the kids around here nowadays.

    Then again, I do live in South Dakota. What did I expect?
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  • You live in South Dakota? Listen, I've been convinced for a long time that North Dakota does not actually exist. I have never met anyone who has actually been there. Nor have I met anyone who knows anyone who has been there. Have you been there?
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    No and I'm not native. I barely got here in March. So I can't ascertain with any accuracy the validity of this North Dakota meme. I will make it my mission this weekend to ask the locals if North Dakota exists or if anyone they know is from there. Heck, I'll take my MP3 recorder with me and record the interviews.
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  • That would be awesome. So you know, it doesn't matter if they are from there or not. All I need is verification that a real human being has ever been there.
  • I do know someone who lives in North Dakota. It does exist but most there think they are Canadian.
  • holy crap...

    OMG, people in North Dakota.
  • That's an obvious hoax perpetrated by NASA; the government is using North Dakota as an excuse to collect more taxes, and to use as a vote-fixing mechanic.
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