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Other podcasts?

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What other podcasts do you listen to and provide links ^_^


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    There is an accepted standard way of sharing lists of podcasts or RSS feeds. That way is known as OPML. But for the convenience of everyone here I'm going to make a list that less geeky people can use. I'm only going to list the ones I listen to a lot. But really you should use the OPML, it makes life a zillion times easier. Maybe later when I am un-lazy I will create an OPML for myself. It kind of sucks because iTunes doesn't make it automatically, but every other podcatcher does.

    Anyway, here are mine.

    Adam Curry: Daily Source Code
    Board Games To Go
    Chatterbox Video Game Radio
    Comic Geek Speak
    Constitutional Conversations
    Engadget Podcast
    Formula Pod
    Gamers with Jobs Radio
    Inside the Net
    IT Conversations
    Kobe Beef Show
    PC Gamer
    Podshow Music Rewind
    Science Friday
    Legal Underground
    The Roadhouse
    This Week in Tech
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  • If you want to get iTunes to make an OPML file of your podcasts, just go to your podcast library, then File menu, Export Song List, and when choosing where to save your song list you are given the option to save as an OPML.
  • That must be in new versions. I specifically remember there NOT being that option the last time I tried some months ago.
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  • "Maybe later when I am un-lazy I will create an OPML for myself."

    Hey look, Scott got un-lazy: >> Podcast OPML
  • "Maybe later when I am un-lazy I will create an OPML for myself."

    Hey look, Scott got un-lazy:

    Thanks to techsupportrich.
  • If anybody is looking for a Amazon or Netflix -like service for podcasts, you might want to try out: . It's done by the guy who does Evil Genius Chronicles, and might be good to help find new podcasts that you might like.
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    Extralife Radio - One of my first and favorites
    Mugglecast - I listen to this with my sister
    Anime-Pulse - Good anime podcast
    Alpha Rant - <3
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  • guys u should be putting geeknights first but here our some interesting 1s
    for music josh the funky 1 b96 radio mix
    kcrw's le show
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    My friend and I have been recently running a podcast on games and music. I believe you guys 'll enjoy it. Our website is When you go there, you can click the RSS icon on the header to go to our feedburner page.
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  • Penn's show is fantastic, I must say ^_^
  • Hehe, Sunday Night Saffran - "A jewish hipster and an old catholic priest walk into a radio station..." Very good stuff. I love JJJ.
  • Check out
    *rover's morning glory
    *mancow morning madhouse
    *penn jillette
    *harry shearers le show
    *adam currys daily breakfast code
    * josh the funky 1 universal sound for good mixtape
    *steve dahl
  • Now, that i have fully vested myself in this podcast listening and my job is one that I can where Headphones all day at work and still get work done. I currently now listen to a ton of podcasts.

    Biologue - seems to have died recently unfortunately. (or maybe I should check the feed to see if they changed it)

    Welltopia - a Psychology podcast

    Voices of Liberal religion - Some of the best sermons on morality from a Untarian Unverisalist view point I've heard. See eps 13.

    This Week in Science - A great and funny Science podcast

    The War on Democracy - jus started listening to it.

    A Christian and an Atheist - a pretty good debate podcast

    The Christian and an Atheist - Seems to be defunk which sucks because it was better then the above one.

    Skepticality - The Skepticial Podcast of choice.

    The Signal - The best darn Firefly/Serenity podcast ever, it's surprisely compelling for a podcast focused around a 13 eps show and movie. Shiny!

    Short Attention Gamers - a Amusing 20 or 30 minute podcast about games.. mostly X-box stuff though. So I generally just listen for the comments on how they think about gaming.

    Sci-Fi Talk - Interviews of famous Sci-fi stuff (usually gets pushed back to the back of the barrel.

    Science Friday Podcast - Nuff Said.

    Science @ NASA Podcast - A quick look at Space news

    Science Talk: The podcast of Scientific American - A review of the info in the mag quite good.

    RPGMP3: World's Largest Dungeon Podcast - a Podcast of people playing D&D I believe playing in England. So fun accents as well.

    NPR: On Point with Tom Ashbrook - Current events good discussion.

    The Non-Prophets - Standard Atheist stuff

    New Scientist Podcast - Another fun Science mag review podcast.

    Freedomain Radio - A guy who talking about Libertarianism and Unverisal Morality to a new obsessive degree. This guy knows his stuff, I don't always aggree but I'm not so much a Libertarian.

    The Week in Whedon - A fun podcast about Joss Whedon (No I'm not obsessed)

    The Lost Podcasts of Doctor Who - Just added

    Freedom From Religion Podcast - Secular fun!

    The InfidelGuy Show - The best Atheist Debunking Interview show on the web.(he's been at it for years, Archives though cost money to listen to, however a bunch are up for free)

    Humanist Network news - Self Explanatory

    Gamers with Jobs radio - A very fun and informative Video game podcast

    First Amendment Minute - A minute of First Amendment stuff

    Way of the Master Radio - A CRAZY fundie podcast which I just subscripted to after I heard them interview the Infidelguy and I want to see how crazy they are.

    This Week n Geek - Standard Geek. - Defunked right now

    Slice of Scifi - Micheal and Evo, definitive Sci-fi talk! Funny stuff. (Micheal sounds alot like Colin from college)

    Microbe World - a minute podcast on Microbes!

    How to do Stuff - A random podcast on how to do stuff. (like planting a tree, tipping a taxi driver.

    Regenerative Medicine today - Lost a Appendix, what it back, listen to this.

    History Podcast - a short podcast on a topic of history each week!

    Beyond Science - this guy gets to interivew all the quacks and peudoscientists... VERY amusing.

    All Games Considered - Haven't listen to yet

    Repulicans Behaving Badly - A guilty plesure of mine. This guy likes to go into voice chat rooms and show how ignorant people are. It's scary. (he's a bit too left wing though with some of his ideas)

    8-bit Memories - I don't know what to think abou this podcast, it's done by some guy who talking randomly about stuff till he finally ties it to something 8-bit.... Strange

    Earth & Sky: New Radio Shows - a Random minute long podcast on Science focus on the Sky and the Earth ^_^

    Evolution 101 - Orginally part of the Infidal guy podcast series it's moved on it's own and is quite informative on the topic of Evolution, and who doesn't love info on Evolution!

    Science Fiction on the Dragon page Cover to Cover - It's Micheal and Evo again I haven't listened to this one but they sure have alot of podcasts...

    Penn Jillette - Just the best.

    1up - Podcast from the 1up news site (video game news.

    And of course Finally GeekNights with Rym and Scott - The only podcast I find myself constantly trying to respond to while listening because I'm used to the discussions being done in person. And I always enjoy the comments about my shore house and how good I am at finding deals in the dealers room. Haha..

    *wipes sweat off of head* Man that's alot of podcasts...
  • RPGMP3: World's Largest Dungeon Podcast - a Podcast of people playing D&D; I believe playing in England. So fun accents as well.
    I was thinking that someone should make a podcast like this. I guess someone does. Have to see if their adventure is enjoyable or not.
    Beyond Science - this guy gets to interivew all the quacks and peudoscientists... VERY amusing.
    I heard of this podcast, but it sounded to me like he's in favor of the quacks. Is that true or not?
  • Well, there is a difference between interviewing someone without attacking there claims and actually favoring quacks. He doesn't attack them in anyway and treats them with more respect then they deserve. However I've heard him interviewed by other podcasters and he definitely doesn't believe what they are saying. However he doesn't let that get in the way of a interview.
  • I was thinking that someone should make a podcast like this. I guess someone does. Have to see if their adventure is enjoyable or not.
    I've been listening to that one for almost a year now. In total, the podcast is about 4 days worth of continuous listening, so I'd imagine it's a bit of a challenge for the newcomer. The adventure itself is fine, about escaping from a massive, labyrinthine, supernatural prison containing every creature in the 3rd edition D&D; Monster Manual. Even the Tarrasque.

    Oh, and another podcast that may be of interest to to the Scrym collective entity, Have Games, Will Travel, a podcast about both roleplaying games and board games. It's the podcast that introduced me to both Burning Wheel and Arkham Horror. The reviews he 'casts are infamous for being extremely thorough and detailed.
  • Before I started using iTunes, I mostly just searched for podcasts through Google and downloaded them to Windows Media Player. Since I've been using iTunes, I've started listening to the "podcasts" on iTunes U. They're a lot like The Teaching Company lectures. I used to listen to them a lot. You can probably find them at your local library.

    The university lecture series I'm listening to now is Science Fiction and Politics, from a course at Emory. The professor is very good, but the students are a bit dense. I highly recommend it.
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    The one's I listen too and care enough about to post:
    Slashdot Review: Andy McClasky goes over the news on Slashdot, Digg, and Reddit. Kinda like the Nightly News, but for geeks.
    The News from Lake Woebegon: Garison Keiler is the man.
    Onion Radio News: Just awesome.
    2600's two shows, Off the Wall and Off the Hook: Fun technology shows with a rather radical "They're crushing our precious liberties" bent.
    Wait, wait... Don't tell me: Funny show.
    Dave and Joel's Fast Karate for the Gentleman: Do i even really need to mention this?
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    Careful, Scott -- techsupportrich is an evil Albion who is jealous of your listeners!

    Right now, I can't recommend The Greatest Movie Ever Podcast enough. It's the latest stop in a wild and incestuous ride; Movies You Should See got me listening to Geeknights, Geeknights got me listening to Fast Karate, and Fast Karate got me listening to The Greatest Movie Ever.
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  • Lemme think here...
    I'm at my dad's place, so I can't really just bring up iTunes and check, so this is all from memory...

    * Daizenshuu EX: The Podcast - Podcast about anything and everything Dragon Ball.
    * Dave And Joel's Fast Karate for the Gentleman - I think most everyone knows what that's about. :P
    * Geek Nights (Uhm... the big feed?) - No need to explain either.
    * - I just like the SBmails....
    * Morning X on 101X - Just in case I don't wake up early enough on weekdays to catch the funny bits, or whatever I like.
  • I dumped Have Games Will Travel a while back along with most of the other podcasts I had in rotation. I'm down to about three of four that I follow. The audio quality on GN has spoiled me.
  • You guys have hit pretty much all of the podcasts I listen to, but I'll throw mine in there:

    HeadGames Podcast: Gaming, gaming culture and general geek talk.
  • I listen to (or at least DL regularly)...
    Anime World Order
    R5 Central
    Anime Today
    Fast Karate
    Ninja Consultants
    The Official LOST Podcast
    This Week in Tech
    No Pink Spandex (A currently inactive Power Rangers podcast)
    Major Nelson Radio (Xbox Live stuff)

    And I produce Rangercast, which is always lots of fun. Even if you're not that into PR or Tokusatsu, check out my con coverage, which is always a ton of fun.
  • Most of mine are listed too but nobody so far has mentioned:

    The Skeptics Guide To The Universe
  • Honestly, I really only listen to 12 Byzantine Rulers, Dave and Joel, NPR and the BBC, Pseudopod, and Escape Pod.
  • I've been listening to some of the 1up video game podcasts lately (1up yours, the sports game guy's sports anomaly, the 1up show, broken pixels,) and I have to say I've been enjoying them. They tend to get into really good video game conversations, as well as do a fairly thorough job of covering any news or whatnots. Plus they are very hilarious on occasion (expect broken pixels which is funny throughout.)
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