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Ask Rym & Scott - Wednesday Anime, Manga, Comics

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Ask us your anime, manga, or comic-related questions, and we'll answer them on "Ask Rym and Scott week."  No question is out of bounds, so long as it at least weakly relates to anime, manga, or comics.


  • Do you have any interest in any anime coming out next season? How about the season just past?
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    What got you into anime?
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  • What do you think of controversial or taboo subject anime? For example Koi Kaze or Kodomo no Jikan.

    What anime is your latest favorite?
  • What are your opinions of theatrical releases of anime in the U.S. (or elsewhere)?
  • Which comic publishing company do you believe most reliably produces the best content?

    Which comic book author is most reliably involved in the best projects?

    During the last 10 years, the rate at which comic books are being adapted to audiovisual media has increased, and the audience consumption has grown (e.g. - Spider-Man, X-Men, V for Vendetta, etc).

    Do you think this signifies a change on the production side of audiovisual entertainment or on the consumption side of it? If those in charge of audiovisual entertainment keep producing comic book movies, will the audiences keep watching or will they get bored and move on to the next fad?
  • Anime in the HD-DVD/Blu-Ray vs the DVD format. Worthwhile or not?
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    Why is The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzimiya so popular and what is "Haruhizm"?
    Can you actually get caught torrenting anime?
    Does the definition of anime include made in Japan, i.e. can something made in the U.S. be accepted as an anime?
    If more anime could go in the direction that music has been, i.e. downloadable for a fee, what do you believe would be the most profitable price per episode?
    Why do anime opening song lyrics never make any sense?
    What is the average production value of an anime movie and series (per episode)?
    Why is CG used in anime? Anything that is CG'ed seems that it can be drawn instead.
    What is your opinion on CG animation in an anime, aesthetic wise?
    In what ways is a manga better/worse than a novel counterpart? On the same note, what are the dis/advantages of an anime versus live-action?
    Why do anime characters look normal with unorthodox hair color but people in real life look odd with it?
    Why do anime characters never look their age?
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  • Why do you think people generally look down on cartoons/anime/whatever?

    How would you change cartoons/anime/whatever so they would be taken more seriously?
  • What is the main purpose of hentai, that is, is it just something funny and entertaining to watch with friends or are most people actually getting off to it?
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    Do anime/manga/comics need to be taken more seriously - that is, is the lack of 'respect' for anime/manga/comics a major problem with those media for you?
    You have been given an arbitrarily large amount of money to create an anime / manga / comic or to hire someone to create it for you (the money can't be used for other purposes, etc. etc.).  What is created?
    What's the next step for anime? Where is the medium going? 
    What's the next step for comics?  Where is the medium going, both artistically and financially?
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  • what is "Haruhizm"?
    1. haruhism
    A term describing an event when everything goes your way, despite all odds or the current circumstances.
    Pronounced Ha-ru-hee-ism
    He didnt study for the final at all, but the teacher got hit by a car and it was cancelled. He always seems to get haruhisms.
    *twitches* Z? As you can see from the way to pronounce it, Haruhiism is the correct spelling afaik. Else you say Ha-ru-hee-sm or Ha-ru-hee-zm. Never knew it meant basic dumb luck. Ah well.
  • Actually, in the context of anime, Haruhism is the general term for fans of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the general series of light novels the anime is based on.
    Haruhi has alot of fanboys...
  • what is "Haruhizm"?
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    You're probably right Neito. I just grabbed the definition urbandictionary gave since it was the first hit for Haruhism in Google. And duh... Haruhi is awesome. Thus she/it has a lot of fans. Same goes for Yuki. She's more awesome though. >_> <_< Don't stare at me!

    EDIT: Lol Viga.
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  • How do you make a good webcomic? What do you look for in one?

    Will Naruto ever die?
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    If you could ask Alan Moore one question, what would it be?  Kazuo Koike? Stan Lee? Tezuka?
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  • Why isn't Tezuka more popular in the USA?
  • CROSS-OVER QUESTION: You've expressed distaste for underwear pervert comics, but what do you think of underwear pervert video games? Do they suffer from the same stigma as licensed/branded movie video games? Have you payed any of the Marvel titles like X-Men Legends or Marvel Ultimate Alliance, and what did you think?
  • They do not have a ps2 nor a 360 so I guess they haven't really play those games.
    Would you guys be ok if someone would continue the Phoenix story from the two pages that Tezuka left before he died?
  • What would it take to get anime "mainstream" recognition in the U.S.? Why hasn't this been done yet?
    Why do DVDs cost so much in Japan?

    When are you going to do final thoughts episodes? (I know, I know. Whenever you get around to watching them again. ~_^)
  • Do you think that non-fiction graphic novels (e.g. - The 9/11 Report: A Graphic Adaptation) will ever be a major force in the American comic book market? How common are non-fiction manga in the Asian comic book market? I vaguely recall you guys mentioning something about a manga history of ramen.
  • What makes a good anime/comic/maga, specifically, for you?
    What's the most you've ever payed for a comic/anime/manga, and the biggest steal/deal you've ever scored?
  • So this one is actually a Thunderdome, but it involves an anime character. So here goes . . . who would win in a battle: Spike Spiegel in the Swordfish or Starbuck in her Viper? Now, we all know Spike is the most badass pilot ever, but Starbuck (as of season three) has been known to rock some serious ass. So much ass, I'd wager, that this battle would probably come down to whomever succumbed to exhaustion first.
  • Will Naruto ever die?
    What are the good and bad parts of Naruto? I've always felt like it was a good thing because it has really gotten a new generation of people into anime (best thing since DBZ) but it has some failings as a show.
  • At what point in your lives did you go from OMG all cartoons from japan are awesome to anime jadedness?

    What are your opinions on otakukin aka otakin?

    If you could create a manga or anime what would it be about?
  • What are your opinions on otakukin akaotakin?
    I know my opinion.

  • I've been a long-time lurker on otakin and otherkin threads, but it was only today I finally got the courage to make an account and post something of my own. I have recently "awakened", and the experience was quite a memorable one. I've always had a talent for the "other worldly"; I could tell people where their lost items were, even if I had never seen the item myself. I always know when someone will visit out of the blue, or is about to call for no reason. Even dead plants- when I tend to them, they begin to bloom again. I always thought there was something strange about me, even when I was little, and I thought I would get used to it as I grew older. However, once I hit puberty, I began to have strange dreams, and see strange visions almost everyday. Emotions and memories that weren't my own kept appearing out of nowhere, and this happened almost daily for five years. I've only been into anime for two years now, when a friend got me into it. I'm now a huge otaku, and I have a pretty decent collection; but yesterday, I picked up a series I had always seen but never read before: xxxHolic. When I went to the bookstore, I was draw to a shelf way in the back- past the manga section. I could see a black book from far away, laying on top of the other books lined neatly on the shelves. Passing everything else up, I went straight for that book and picked it up: and I saw myself on the cover. When I blinked, I saw it wasn't really me, but at the same time, it WAS me. I flipped it over, and read the synopsis on the back. Just from that brief summary, I knew everything that happened in the book. It was like they were my own memories, written down by an outsider. I bought it anyway, and ran home to read it. The entire time, this huge sense of nostalgia and homesickness washed over me, and I fully awakened to who I was. I am Yuko Ichihara, the Space-Time Witch, and now, I am an otakin. It is a pleasure to meet you all.
    I think all that you're all thinking something somewhat similar to what I'm thinking.
  • I think all that you're all thinking something somewhat similar to what I'm thinking.

  • I think all that you're all thinking something somewhat similar to what I'm thinking.LARPing gone wrong?
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