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Free Comic book day

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For those who don't know and care, this saturday, the 6th of may, is free comic book day.
Information is available at
If you're like me, and live in the most remote city in the world, there aren't many choices in shop/hosts, but the rest of you should have no trouble.

There is a list of whats being given away available on the sponsor page, and the shop list DOES have places outside the US (I had people asking me...)


  • My local shop isn't participating! Weak.
  • A comic shop which doesn't participate in free comic book day is not a comic shop you should keep going to.
  • Not that I buy a whole lot of comics but it's the only one in town. Cest la vie.
  • A comic shop that doesn't participate in free comic book day is probably doing something right. If this is a shop owner who's taking a stand against the fanwanky superhero shlock that passes for comics today and the outdated distribution monopoly that is Diamond then I say support that guy! If that store isn't a part of FCBD then maybe they don't use Diamond as their main distributor. Rock on, independent comic shop owner guy!

    I'd really like to know what their reasons would be for not participating. I see it as a pretty blatant intentional boycotting of Diamond's practices.
  • Most of the free comic books are not super heroic. There are no other distributors in the USA besides Diamond. If you don't go through Diamond, then you don't have a comic shop. Free comic book day is a way to get new people to read comics. Not participating in free comic book day means you aren't helping new people to read comics. It also means you just want to keep milking the nerds you've already got for all they're worth without even giving them a free book or two. Free comic book day is awesome.
  • He's definately got diamond comics in there although there is decent anime/manga representation along one wall. I don't know why he doesn't participate. 'tis a mystery.
  • There are other smaller distributors in the US besides Diamond and there are other venues besides comic shops that sell comics via more traditional book distributors. These are stores like Tower Records and Virgin Megastores. If they can hack the system to get comics then why can't someone else? It's totally possible for there to be a small comic store out there that uses alternative distribution methods.

    Free comic book day is a sham. There is no real interest in getting new people to read comics. The new people they're going after are not comics nerds, and nerds and their soft porn wet dreams are what drive the comics market. So as part of the bogus FCBD promotion retailers offer up a small variety of independent publishers to make comics seem diverse and interesting while in reality Marvel and DC dominate the selection at any comic store every other day of the year. Was it February or March where Marvel had a little over half of all comics sold? Fuck rehashed Spider Man and his 24 part crossovers. If these new people are really interested in any of the non superhero titles on FCBD I wish them luck finding those books regularly on the other 364 days of the year.
  • At least there's manga in all its wonderfulness. ^_~
  • There are smaller distributors in the US, but you could hardly run a comic shop without diamond. If you had primarily a gaming store, then the other distributors might suffice your small comic needs. But if you want to run what is primarily a comic shop, you will not survive in the US without Diamond. Sucks, but it's true.

    Now, I hate the comic nerds as much as the next man. Rehashed X-Men and their 36-part crossovers are my hated enemies. But FCBD is not a scam to falsify what the comic industry is really about. FCBD is really an attempt to get people who normally do not buy comics, to buy comics. Give a free sample and they might come back for more later.

    I can understand how you can see FCBD as a sham though, because it definitely isn't very succesful at its goal. The primary problem with FCBD is that you can only get the free comics at a comic shop. If they really wanted to get new people they would put the free comics on newsstands everywhere. But that doesn't mean FCBD doesn't have some good effects. What happens on FCBD is the comic nerds buying X-Men and Infinite Crisis get a free copy of something independent and different. Maybe, just maybe, they will start to buy a non super-hero title.

    I have a strong feeling that Tokyopop and Viz are going to do a killer job of promoting manga on FCBD. That is because they don't give away a flimsy comic. They give away a Tokyopop Sneak or a Viz seasonal sampler. Those things are the size of an entire $10 manga. They are just filled with ads and have about 5 stories in them instead of one. Lots of superhero nerds who never looked at manga before might not be able to resist such a great deal.

    If a comic shop doesn't participate in FCBD that tells me one thing. They like the way things are now, they don't want things to actually change, they don't care about comics and they suck.

    On FCBD I'm going to try to visit this shop that supposedly exists across the river in Newburgh. Never been there before, hopefully it will be a good experience.
  • It's Sunday, a day after FCBD. Did you go to that store? How did it turn out?
  • It was a crummy store, so we didn't buy anything. But we did get a whole mess of free comics.
  • My local comic book store had a big free comic book day sale/party. The best free comic that I read was Scott Pilgrim which is good enough to actually buy.
  • Yeah, Scott Pilgrim is cool, but we didn't get that. Didn't get Owly either :(
  • Ours was 1 per person, and they had SFA. I ended up getting a top 100 trade paperbacks thingy, which is quite interesting. Guess what came first!

    I also got the X-men and justice league from some people who had read them and were gonna throw 'em out. I Still havent looked at them :P

    I had looked beforehand and the Tokypop one didn't seem too interesting, and they didn't really have any of the other ones that people are talking about.

    On the plus side, My store had a sale on everything in stock, so I got some random thing to read. It's called Neon Genesis: Angelic Days. It's set in the dream world created near the end of one of the movies. I watched it far too long ago to remember which. It's actually a retelling of the story, but everyone is happy. Asuka and Shinji are childhood friends (people seem to wonder how) and Rei is a transfer student. Who smiles. And HAS A PERSONALITY.
  • End of Evangelion, if it was a movie. But I recall that same scene, but from the TV series.
  • The latest DCP torrent has the Owly and Free Scott Pilgrim (As well as most of the other FCBD stuff). Don't download these free books, however. Its probably illegal.
  • There's a good article on comic book piracy over at It all but hails piracy as the best way to beat the speculator market that keeps rare issues out of the hands of regular collectors. The article promotes digital distribution as the future of comics. Plus it even explains in detail different methods of downloading comics. Talk about free comic book day!
  • Awww, dangit. All of the local comic places were closed by the time we got to all of them. I wound up getting a few on Sunday; the Tokyopop Sneaks, The Proposterous Voyages of Ironhide Tom, and something awful with Spawn and Witchblade and this garbage comic called SilverHawk.


    I'm likely going to wind up ordering the comics directly from Mal so I can actually get my hands on one— he's been saying that he'll send them out with every order as long as his supplies last. I'm pretty keen on that.
  • Witchblade was proof to me that the American comic industry had never actually seen or interacted with a real, living human female. (Lady Death was a close second).
  • So I went to buy some Manga today, and they were still giving out the leftovers of FCBD, and I picked up the Owly which I didn't see last time.

    I was thinking of sending it to you since I wont read it much more than I have, but the cost to do so from here would probably be ass.
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    I just wanted to say the the Transformers free comic was crap. All they did was cut and past sections of TF:Infiltration vol 4 and BeastWars vol 3.

    Oh and Scott you were right. That guy in the Stormbringer section was indeed Jetfire (Skyfire on the TV show). And the bots he was with...those were the Technobots. FYI: Stormbringer takes place just after Infiltration ends.
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  • I saw the girl who draws Sabrina the teenage witch at otakon a couple years back. She was in Tokyopop all stars too, and she drew the same style them too. It was more like archie was like hey this girl draws manga style but also kinda like us, lets take her.
  • The Scott Pilgrim free comic is now available online (by Oni, their publisher).

    It can be found here:
  • weee! Something to read today.
  • Thanks, Aido.
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