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Pronunciation of "ubiquitous"

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Rym, please learn how to pronounce "ubiquitous".


  • Rym, please learn how to pronounce"ubiquitous".
    When did he mispronounce it? I missed it. I was kind of out of it yesterday, though.
  • Scott, please learn how to pronounce... oh forget it, I don't have the heart.

    Kilarney, get back here with my Lucky Charms.
  • Duplicated threads....
  • We must have posted them at the same time.

    Rym pronounced it "oo"-biquitous.
  • We must have posted them at the same time.
    Umm, no. He posted it last night.
  • Can we just rename this thread at least?
  • Sheesh, not everyone has to say everything the same. The only time this should be treated as a problem is when a different pronunciation holds a different meaning.
    Spell colour properly and then you can start complaining.

    My computer keeps telling me "I" before "E" except after "C"; Weird machine. (I really like that joke.)
  • There was an old thread involving this. I just brought it up for the sake of nostalgia.
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