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Emulators for Mac

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I've been looking for emulators for my mac, and I've found a few, some of which work ,and some that don't. The system I really want an emulator for is the N64, but the only one that seems to be compatible with my comp is the 'sixtyforce', and it doesn't work for some reason. So I'm just curious if any of you know of some good emulators that are mac compatible. They can be any system.


  • Lack of emulators for mac is one of my big gripes. Not only does it lack emulators for many systems, but some of the emulators that do exist require you to pay for the "emulator enhancer" in order to get full screen and joystick support.
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    Mupen64 Version 0.5 ported for OSX
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  • My comp doesn't seem to have the capability to read a .sitx Is there something I could download that would allow me to then use that?
  • True but one can always try crossover. Or bootcamp.

    Most emulators were written for the PPC CPUs, which don't run natively on the newer Intel CPUs. It's really laughable how fast, on the highest settings the N64 can be emulated within Bootcamp while the shareware (!!!) version crashed on the same rom.

    That and missing support for steam games is really ruining my Mac experience because I can't stand rebooting all the time.
  • I don't want to cut my harddrive in two, and crosssover isn't good with games last I checked.
  • Well the latest release runs TF2 quite nice, even though I can't start HL2 because they haven't quite figured out my MBP hardware, that's at least what their forums tell me.

    And a small Windows partition is not that bad, I call it my bastard partition but I serves me quiet well with Steam.
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