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Ordering comics online

edited November 2007 in Manga/Comics
Okay I'm just getting back into comics and i heard Scott mention this DCBS site (or least i thought that's what i heard).
Anyway the one comic that has me much intrigued is "Runaways" and i cant seem to find it for pre-order on this site.
Am I doing something wrong or maybe this isn't the correct site and I'm way off.
Any help is much appreciated.


  • The way DCBS works is you pre-order comics two months in advance. If the comic you are looking for is not solicited in the current issue of Previews, you can't order it. If you want to read Runaways, here is what you do. Go to and and buy this. If you like it, get the rest of the volumes in the same digest format. DCBS is only for people who are buying a lot of comics as they come out, every single month. If the comic you want is already out, or if you only want a few comics, you should buy it from a comic book store,, or from, which is run by the same company as DCBS.
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