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Pokemon Crater

edited November 2007 in Video Games
I have recently read that Pokemon Crater is shutting down on December 1,2007.

I never used the site but from what I understand it is an online version of the Pokemon games.

The guy who runs it says he is leaving college and due to some server issues and other problems he will be shutting the site down. I have to wonder if he got a letter from Nintendo telling him to shut down.

According to the information given to those who advertise on the site Pokemon Craters gets something in the neighborhood of 16 million unique visitors a month (or was it page views, I can't recall exactly and the site is blocked at work). That's an awful large userbase to close a site down with, if anything I would expect a person to sell a site with that much traffic.

Does anyone on here use the site or know more about what is going on?


  • I thought it was in the style of those online text based games. You could try and make a replacement, I'm sure a customizable pokemon clone would be popular though.
  • Shoddy Battle

    If you need an online pokemon battling program nothing is better than Shoddy Battle.
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