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First Geeknights of 2008

edited January 2008 in GeekNights
A Geeknights for New Years Day has been uploaded to libsyn, though as it's 0030 right now, and I don't see Rym or Scott in the who's online section, I'm guessing they've gone to bed for the night. So enjoy tonight's episode of awesome (and surprise as, at least , I was not expecting one until Wednesday at least if not next week.)


  • Scott will blame Rym.
  • And Rym may blame Scott
  • I would of took the night off. Good on ya Scrym.

    Those house rules yall be rollin' with....really. LOL on that street talk.
  • A 4 hour podcast? Such a tease. I assume it will have many of the FRC on that podcast. I'm happy you guys enjoyed Big Idea and understand where the game is broken. There were times where my friends and I would play the game, and the winner could be someone who isn't good at selling their idea, but good at investing. I look forward to hearing your podcast on Big Idea. I haven't played that game in a few years, but I always seemed to have a good time playing just on the creativity people used with creating and pitching their products.
  • "Rules-lawyering in Candyland." Love it! Probably a good way of describing the majority of all geeky endeavours. :)
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