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Don't waste your life playing video games.

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You only have so many clicks of existence on this planet. No one tells you this, but every waking moment counts. Every moment you spend doing something unproductive is gone forever. Video games are fundamentally unproductive. All the creativity is on the programmer side; the user side is merely gratification.

Unless you’re Thresh (and you aren’t Thresh) you don’t make money playing video games. In fact, you waste money on the games, consoles and gear. Sell it all on Ebay immediately and start saving for a house.

But, you say, life has to have some fun in it and video games are fun! No, fun is working toward the day when you have your own house, wife and family. Your first purpose in life is to reproduce. You must not play any games until this day occurs. And then, when it occurs, you shouldn’t play games because you need to be working to support said wife and family. To do anything else is to fail in life.

But what if, you say, I am so good that I am rich. I can afford it all. You still can’t play video games!!! Remember point one? You only have so many clicks. Forget about your stupid second life, focus on the first! Realize your creative potential, write a book, paint a picture create something! Help the homeless and feed the starving children of the world. Work on something that benefits humanity or just your family, don’t squander your time in front of a computer or TV. Your life really isn’t yours to waste, it belongs to the greater good.

Oh yeah, don’t masturbate either!


  • I'd like to see someone attack this argument's weak points for massive damage.
  • j00 i5 t3h B14sph3/\/\3 !
  • Oh boy, Welcome to Calivism. If you don't work enough in the name of the lord your not going to heaven, so your life has to be one of hardship and productivity (and forget those stupid things like dancing).

    I'm all for doing things for the greater good, but there is no call to actually do that. I would rather people who would rather sit at home play video games do that, then to half-ass try and save the world.

    You enter this world alone and you leave it alone, The time in the middle is for what you feel you need to do. If that's raising a family, or laboring 10 hours a day then go do that. If it's scraping by in life spending most of your day in front of the TV only making enough to get your next meal. So be it.

    That being said, I've come to the conclusion that Humans, are evolutionarily primed to want to create something. We all (most) have a need to create things that have the potential to survive past us. Most find this in family with Childern, while others find this in writing and others making a difference in the world be it changing a unjust (or just law) or doing acts of great mercy like feeding or caring for the poor (unlike Mother theresa) that they feel is lasting. (or even a webcomic or podcast if they can find a way to keep it up forever). I know generally I feel better when I do things that create or maintan something and when I'm not doing these things I feel as if something is missing. However I don't know if other people feel that way or if it's my fleeting fame that I miss.

    I ask you, on what basis do you feel people are called to a "greater" good to do such actions?

    If everyone sold their video games, wouldn't creating video games be a waste of time? Or if you did the same for books and DVD's? What about those people? Did they waste their lives?
  • First of all, I hope you realize that this is a devil's advocate thread. ;) So let me keep it going.

    Biologically, we are only here to reproduce. If you don't do that while you're here, at some level, you fail. Nonetheless, this is harder for some of us than others. In fact, some of us don’t want to do that at all. Nevertheless, the fact remains that at one level, reproduction is our job.

    I don’t believe I mentioned God in my post. Greater good, in this context, is the good for the benefit of humanity. If you waste your potential, you aren’t helping the “greater good.” If someone suffers and you could have helped them, but you were playing video games instead, you have failed morally.

    You might argue that we’re all a bunch of house apes and the earth is going to be burnt to a cinder in a half a billion years anyway so an individual should be free to live as he or she chooses, but is that correct? You might argue that another person’s need is not a claim on your ability, but does society function if we all act that way?

    If everyone made video games, they would be creating something. But if no one played them, it might be a waste of time economically. And if you don’t have a job, you can’t support that family that you are biologically required to have unless you wish to fail.

    The point of this troll post, er, thought provoking thread is simply this: you can’t justify playing video games because the opportunity cost of not doing other things necessary to have a successful life is too great.
  • I realize this is a joke thread ^_^

    Did you ever consider that really bad worthless members of society maybe kept from doing damage by playing video games ^_^ and that the few people that we accidently ensnare with video games is outweighed by the net gain of crappy or stupid people we keep busy with video games!
  • Now that logic I like a lot! We should buy Nintendos for everyone in prison so they can all play with their wiis.
  • I'm sure this is a joke, but your way off the ball if it's not. ;)
  • How is buying a house not wasting money? I bet most people lose more money to interest on a mortgage than they ever use to buy video games.
  • Buying a house is not wasting money. If you buy a good house on a good piece of land, then you're all set. Houses increase in value over time, unless the housing bubble bursts. That usually means even though you are having to pay interest on the mortgage the houses value is increasing so much that you are profiting.

    Not only that, but a house is something you will use every day. If you rent the house to someone else, it will be even more profitable. Video games decrease in value over time. A much worse investment over all.
  • Of course, maintenance and property taxes make land a very poor mid-term investment compared to even simple treasury bonds. The housing bubble is screwing all of that up, but I'm expecting it to burst so that I can possibly invest in some foreclosure properties... ^_~
  • The optimal move in real estate would be to try to predict the next big tourist/resort area that will develop, and jump in there when the real estate is mad cheap.

    An example would be getting property in, say, Wildwood, NJ, back in the day when it was crap and not the tourist spot that it is now. Big bucks in that kind of investment.
  • Florida, Washington, D.C. and California are major bubble areas. A friend of mine made $200k on his condo in D.C. Some other people I know have a ranch in Orange county that would be $200k here. There, it's $1.1 million.
  • Games are unproductive but addicting and entertaining. You could very well say that for anything else for that matter. Such as movies or eating out but then we would all be boring. Then all of our morale would go down the drain then productivity would be gone too. Screwed if we do screwed if we don't.
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