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RSS enclosures missing

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I am having a problem with enclosures from your RSS feed.

I just discovered your podcast (from and my reader downloaded a bunch of the old mp3 files, but not many of the newer ones. Looking at your RSS source shows that there is no enclosure tag on recent posts.

Does anyone else have this issue?


  • Which feed are you using? The FeedBurner feeds are the only ones in which the enclosures are guaranteed to exist. The links to the FeedBurner feeds are in the right sidebar on

    There was previously an issue, due to libsyn's slowness, where the enclosures did not appear even in the feedburner feeds. To my knowledge this issue has been resolved. If you have any more trouble, let me know.
  • OK, I just used the orange RSS icon, which is I'll switch to the feedburner feed.

    Also, FeedDemon, detects
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    OK, I just used the orange RSS icon, which is I'll switch to the feedburner feed.
    This feed is the blog feed. This will get you every blog entry on Sometimes we make blog entries which do not contain podcasts. Sometime in the future we will have new Front Row Crew productions besides GeekNights. If you want to keep up with all of those things, then subscribe to this feed with your plain-old RSS reader. Just keep in mind that this feed is not guaranteed to have enclosures.
    Also, FeedDemon, detects
    That is the forum feed. Yes, this forum has a feed! Use it to keep track of when new coments are posted. This forum has many other hidden awesome features you can take advantage of.
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