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Ubuntu Linux

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I know there are plenty of Linux forums and place to discuss this kind of thing, but im looking for something to convince me to get off Windows and install the Ubuntu OS (i'm thinking Rym or Scott have the answers, since they seem to praise it quite a bit)

Here are a few questions i have..

How difficult is Ubuntu to learn how to work? I have no experience with Linux.
Do most games designed for Windows work with Ubuntu/Wine?
What do i need to know to set it up..?


  • I myself am picking up Unbuntu now as well, especially for my new college laptop. I think im just going to partition the hard drive so I can dual boot it if I ever need to play games at school. I picked up a nice big fat book on Ubuntu yesterday that I will read through on how to do everything :) Haha I'm sure it would be easier if someone just showed me but no one I know around me or at school uses linux haha
  • Ubuntu is EASY. You actually have to learn very little/no command line stuff to use it, and it installs very quickly and easily. The package system is very quick and useful, and makes it easy for you to upgrade and install programs hassle-free. About Wine, I have no idea. The best explanation i have is: Some things work, and some things don't work. Keeping a windows box or a partition could be a good choice if you like to play games alot. And... nothing is really needed to know to set it up, but you might need to consult the manual for things like partitioning and filesystems if you don't use the defaults.
  • Ubuntu is stupid easy to get it to work.
    It's not worth it to try to get games to work in wine, but it can be done. If you are desperate you can pay for Cedega.
    To setup Ubuntu you need some unpartitioned hard drive space, and you have to know how to burn and boot a CD-ROM.

    I suggest you go to the Ubuntu website and get the Ubuntu x86 LiveCD. This will allow you to play with and test Ubuntu without actually installing it on your hard drive. You just boot the CD and away you go!
  • That sounds fairly easy haha. Cool, thanks Scott.
    I have just downloaded the Live and Install discs, will be trying it soon.
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    OK! So I was searching on google for the newest ubuntu distro, and look what I found. WTF is this?


    Oh, I get it now. It's togetherness.

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  • I have a friend who works on various sections of Ubuntu, and hands out the disks to random people. On IRC, he said "Ooh, The new batch of Ubuntu porn is out".
  • dutopia, I just installed it a few days a go. I'm a first timer. It was WAY easy. I loaded it on an older box setting next to my Main PC. I'm slowly falling in love.
  • That's great to hear. Cheers buddy
  • Glimp, I saw that pic at work..... could you give fair warning before posting risque images. Make it a text link.
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