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Scott's "Audioblog" from 2004

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Ok some of you may read Scott's blog, but if you look far back into the archives, you'll find this entry. Scott's audioblog. GeekNights is so much better.


  • Yeah, when I did that I thought I was so awesome. I thought the idea up all on my own, but it obviously was not me who popularized it.
  • Wow, you can hear him coming up with the idea for Geeknights as he's speaking. There's a sense of pathos with respect to the human condition that comes through the voice, though. When he describes people who blog, I started to get depressed. I hope it's really not that bad out there.

    It's different listening to Scott be serious. I kept waiting for a "God Damn!" or a "Ha Ha!"
  • More like "Got Damn"...lawl
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