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Making a 4 Terabyte Server with FreeNAS.

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I've been at it again. Here is a computer building video for your enjoyment. As builds go, it really went well. It is awesome to have one place for all my data at home, one server to rule them all.



  • I just wiki'd FreeNAS, I had no idea they had OS just for network shares. Very cool, I think I'll be setting this up soon.
  • Ooooooooh, shiney~

    Awesome Thaed, I will have to make a fileserver myself too. When I get a new computer. *sigh*
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    We have a freenas fileserver, only we hooked up an external (usb) ntfs drive and... it didn't go so well. All the data was corrupt. We also had some trouble getting it going because the intallation was corrupt, and we couldn't fix that by reinstall, but it's okay now.
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