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Notebook Video Card

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So now I've got the Dell inspiron 1525 with the 2gb ram upgrade, now I've been wanting to play PC games mainly my CS source on my laptop on the go. For now I'm using the Intel's integrated video card. But I can only play half life 2 on the lowest resolution, are there any laptop video cards that are adequate enough to play most Valve games decently?

In my laptop there are 3 internal card slots, I"m not sure if any are being used.


  • You can't upgrade that model's graphics card. The internal card slots are for wireless upgrades along with USB and other upgrades along that line. The gpu from what I've seen isn't an upgradeable option in this laptop.
  • You really need to have that in mind when you buy a laptop, you are not going to be able to upgrade much. I have a Nvidia 7800 card in my laptop. It ran HL2 well, TF 2 and Portal were OK. I didn't buy the laptop for gaming but I did pay a bit extra to get a get a laptop with a card capable of running games. I have a group of friends that tend to play games like UT 2004, Titan's Quest, and Command and Conquer 3 when we get together for LAN parties and it's nice to just take the laptop.

    I would say the 3 internal slots are for wireless, bluetooth and maybe gprs. There would not be any way for you to plug in the lcd panel to the new card if you could install it.
  • I have an HP nx6325 and I'm going to upgrade the ram, any way to change the amount of shared video memory?
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