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Skype search: Russian Roulette is more predictable

I was intrigued with the talk in the latest episode about how Skype advertises billions of people using it, but in practice there are very few people to Skype with. So I decided to try the Skype search function to look for people, but there's some sort of bizarre disfunction that makes looking people up frustrating.

I'm not talking about searching for people you know by their name or Skypename or email address. That works really well. What I'm pissed off with are the partial results that come up whenever I search for broader criteria, say, people who speak english living in North Dakota.

I've found that entering the exact same criteria into Skype search will produce different results everytime I hit the "Search again" button. For example, if I search for people from North Dakota I get different lists of people everytime I try it. The listings change with every search even if the criteria doesn't. If I keep searching for the same parameters I get different lists of people everytime. I don't know why that is. I don't know why Skype can't just show me everyone in North Dakota at once.

I've also found from browsing people's profiles that most 20-22 year old girls are actually cosmetic surgery spammers.


  • Yeah, those cosmetic surgery spammers are more plentiful than cam girls.
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