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Sony WTF are you DOING!?!?!?!?

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This article has made me wondering just what the hell is Sony thinking. Are they trying to destroy themselves? If it's true then yes, yes they are.


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  • Gooooooooooong (of death)
  • Are they TRYING to kill themselves? In the past 3 weeks i've turned from a Sony Fanboy to a Sony hateboy ^_^
  • It sure looks like there going down, but i somehow feel like no matter how ridiculous the price is, how bad the games are, and how much it just rips everything off other companies, people will still buy it an it won't fail. I'm almost disapointed by this, because it seems like because of all the bad choices that Sony has made, they deserve to fail. But I suppose that only time will tell.
  • Huh?

    Y'know, I read that article, but the notion is so crazy, I think my brain completely failed to process it.

    With that said, couldn't one just hypothetically transfer the liscence? Or does Sony actually retain ownership of the physical delivery mechanism of their games?
  • While I agree, Sony has done a lot of bad things lately, there's no reason to spread rumors like this. Why hate Sony for something they *might* do, when there is so much bad that they've already done.

    Feel free to beat this dead horse if you like.

  • I heard a rumor about this earlier. Supposedly Sony will have some sort of technology where once you play a game on one PS3, that game won't work on other PS3s. I'm sure mod-chips will fix this, but I doubt they can hack online play.

    It's really weird they would do DRM considering the PS3 is all open and Linuxy. That's what people like RMS are trying to prevent with the new clauses in GPL v3. They don't want people to make DRM using open source software. While RMS and friends at the FSF are insane and wrong, you can kind of see their motivation.
  • I remember this coming up on slashdot a while back, when Sony was granted the patent.

    I don't particularly like the idea, since I am a big fan of used games. There are a lot that I just don't value enough to pay full retail for, so picking it up for a few dollars in the used bin is a nice option.

    Hmm, does steam allow any way to sell a used copy of HL2? I for one have a store copy and not a download, so there is something physical to sell (not that I want to sell it). As far as I know, a new person couldn't register the game. If that is so, then Sony wouldn't be the first to use this model of selling games.

    The used game market for consoles is huge, whereas I don't think the PC used market is as big at all. Looking at it from the perspective of Sony, they probably don't see much to lose, if anything they can only stand to gain. I mean, the people that are willing to pay retail full price likely still will. The people that generally wait for used games will either pay up full price, wait for a small price drop, or not buy at all. The number of people that will refuse to use the system because of something like this is going to be tiny.
  • It's still up in the air whether this is true or not. But it tends to be leaning towards the PS3 playing used games just like any other system.

    As for Steam, it's a different story. Steam is all about your account. There are a list of games your account is permitted to play. If you want access to more games, you have to pay money. Whether you pay money in a store or online makes no difference. Let's say I get a new computer and install Steam. I just login to my account, and I'll be able to download and play every game which I am entitled to play. If I wanted to sell those games I would have to sell you my Steam account. Because I have paid for HL2 I can play HL2 on any computer with Steam. I just can't do it on more than one computer simultaneously.
  • Yeah, that's what I figured. I just wasn't sure if there was a way to tell steam to transfer your privileges to a single game to another account. I didn't think they would let that happen. Though I guess there is always that option of selling your whole steam account if you wanted.

    Actually, if you can sell your steam account, you could still continue to play the single player HL2 game in offline mode, though if you ever had to re-install you would be SOL.

    I also doubt that the rumors are true. Companies like Sony constantly file for patents, it does not mean that they even intend to use what they file for.
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    wow just wow.


    It was just a rumor. </A.
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  • That was starting to scrr me ther. I might have to go smack Sony in the face if they did that. Real hard in the face. I might have had to eat it.
  • Yeah, this sounded too bizarre to be true to me also. I read up around the internets and found that the roumer started about a year ago and Sony already came out and said it was bogus.

    Here's another article about it:
  • I have a theory that rumors like this are the result of what I call negative shilling or reverse viral marketing by a rival. Normally people who shill products or companies on message boards are putting out positive propaganda for a company, but I think there are malicious shillers hired by companies to spread damaging rumors like this about competitors. I think this story started as a brilliantly executed online plot by Microsoft or Nintendo to damage Sony's reputation.
  • The Evil King has a point. How many of these types of things have we seen against Apple, MS or Google? The problem is that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the hurtful rumors started by companies and the ones started by bloggers and the like. I think the best thing we can do is just remain skeptical and inform people who are still believing in rumors.
  • I am the god of reviving dead threads!!!!!!!!!!!

    Back in the days when Sony actually had the possibility on doing something good and it would actually matter. Those were the days. ;)
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