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I wanna drive 55!!!

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Well not really. I just had to comment about this. I was listening to the Wednesday night podcast while driving to work this morning and I have to agree with you guys about the speed limits being a joke. They are nothing more than a way for the police to make money. That's it. It's not about safety, it's about money.

Oh and on my commute today, the road was perfect, but I never went faster than 20 miles an hour on a major 4 lane highway. In fact NO ONE was going faster than that. There were no accidents, nothing to rubber neck over. It was because of the tolls right before a tunnel. Tolls suck.


  • I love the way people assume that tolls pay for road repair and upkeep, but usually that money just goes back into the town/county/state govenrment for other purposes.
  • Oh, and I can understand speedlimits in school zones, near parks, and in populated towns, but on highways, thruways, and deserted/ speasely populated roads it seems rediculous for all but one reason- gas conservation- which our govenrment doesn't care about in any real way at the moment.

    Also, the cops don't get money from tickets, the towns and cities do.

    In all reality, tailgating is one of, if not the most dangerous driving violation excluding DUI or DWI. It just doesn't have as high of a fine, so they go with speeding tickets instead.
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