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Stupid charter challenge

edited February 2008 in Politics
I came across this today.
Now; I'll admit that I'm a bit of a monarchist, but at the same time I'm always interested in seeing things change, but this is a bit much. I mean when someone leaves one country because it's a monarchy in some regard, normally wouldn't they choose another country that is not a monarchy? Rather then going to a different country and saying that you have to change to fit him; and then do it on some lame ass charter challenge. Really this is just stupid for starters, and then he isn't even doing it right, as this is a federal matter and he's in a provincial court.

Oh and he's not even in the country; just what the hell.


  • I have to say, the notion that a court, which is ultimately, in my understanding of the Canadian political system, accountable to the queen, could ultimately remove the queen from Canada is pretty interesting. One would think that such a weighty (in constitutional terms, if not in real terms) decision would be made by a higher authority.
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