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Well shit...

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  • Dammit. I only read four online comics, and one of them has to end, doesn't it! Megashits.
  • Here's a more detailed article that was linked from the PBF website:

    Seems the comic isn't ending completely, but the update schedule will be even more infrequent than it already is. Oh well, I was starting to get used to the fact that PBF didn't update as often as it used to anymore, so this won't be a huge disappointment to me. At least this way, the comic will still be fun for him, thus probably resulting in a higher percentage of the strips that do come out being awesome. :)
  • Damnit, my favorite weekly local paper runs PBF. Sucks.
  • It seems that Perry Bible Fellowship is the third or fourth in a series of webcomics that either end or go on an indefinite hiatus shortly after I start reading it regularly. Though.. I guess that at least it isn't over entirely, but still.
  • Wow, and I just bought his book. I read it from time to time and just laugh all over again. His comics will be missed.
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    Yeah, found out about this two days ago. Super sucks. I've now taken up reading Rice Boy and Dresden Codak for my colorful, surreal comic fix.

    Edit: also, Buttercup Festival is back, so there are woots to be had, even with the departure of PBF.
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  • I never read any of it, but always heard about it. Oh well.
  • Well it sucks to be certain.

    Luckily I just found Truck Bearing Kibble
  • There was a new PBF today. And it was a good one.
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    Guess he was inspired. I didn't like it a huge amount, but it was far from a weak strip. Good on 'im. :)
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