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Things Rym and Scott do when THEY'RE bored

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What would you do if you [color=red]were[/color] bored? [color=red]Your is possessive. You're is "you are." In either case, "were" is proper in this case.[/color]


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    When I'm bored, I generally do the following:
    -watch anime
    -play fire emblem (It's so good!)

    On another note, Mr. Period's back! Yaaay!
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  • Also to note... Their is possessive. They're is "they are."
  • Oh. Thank you for helping my grammar. I hate english. I feel dumb now^^;
  • Lol. Ouch that hurts teh pride^^
  • Very nice, trogdor42.
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    Stare at wall of for about an hour. Just joking.
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  • I am really confused as to what the last post was supposed to mean.
  • Trogdor got teh skillz.
  • Stare at each other.
  • Post on FRC Forums.
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    Sleep, look up random shit on wikipedia, search for "weird" on ebay.
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  • When I'm bored I watch anime, play Pokemon, play Pokemon, and play Pokemon.
  • I usually crawl through Wikipedia reading about history/science/culture.
  • Wikipedia, Draw stuff, Play games, Read webcomics.
  • I usually crawl through Wikipedia reading about history/science/culture.
    Play games
    Post on FRC Forums.
    watch anime
    Go figure we all have the same hobbies! Sometimes when I'm bored, I work. True story.

    Seriously though. When I'm not doing my geeky hobbies I spend time in my dark room or listen to music; intensely listen to music.
  • Make GeekNights...
  • When I'm bored. . .

    Post here. Post here some more. Oh and I post here! j/k

    Really just everything mentioned. Just add drawing/reading manga and exclude Pokemon.
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